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How to clone whole HDD to smaller SSD with bootable system? Freeware - Renee Becca helps you make it in 2 simple steps.

The easiest and most convenience method to speed up and upgrade performance for computer is to replace the mechanical drive with an SSD. However, part of computer users may hesitate to do so because changing disk for computer means reinstalling Windows and all your software as well as remaking all the settings. Now, with free disk clone software – Renee Becca, you can directly clone all the data including system, software, settings, files, etc to SSD without imaging.
free clone entire HDD to SSD

What is Renee Becca and What can It do?

Renee Becca is specially designed for data backup & restore, system migration and disk clone! Helps you manage your important data and system in an easy and soft way!
  • Entirely Free! No limitation on any function!
  • New version of Renee Becca supports to migrate large disk to small one.
  • New SSD can boot immediately after clone finish.
  • Supports migrate system to SSD only!

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How to Clone Entire HDD to SSD

Preparation before Clone:
  1. Select the right SSD from factor and interface which fits for your computer, especially for laptop.
  2. Make a full backup for both HDD and SSD.
  3. Move large files and folders that you do not use frequently to external memory device.
  4. Download and install Renee Becca.
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Step 1: Launch Renee Becca. Select “Clone Function” and then please click “Disk Clone”.

select disk clone function

Step 2: Select the target SSD and you can have a check of the size of partitions in SSD. After assure, just click “Clone”.

clone entire HDD to SSD
Renee Becca will first fulfill the used storage of each partition and then divide the rest of free space equally in according to the number of the partitions to each partition in new disk when cloning.

Memory of the target disk need to be equal or larger than the space which has been used in source. (Larger will be better, because each disk has some space which is hidden).

Here, we can refer to the following example:

Original disk before clone…
Size of Source disk: 500 GB

Size of used space in total: 60 GB

We can get information of each partitions’ used space from the following chart.

conditions of original disk
Disk with smaller size after clone…
Size of target disk: 120 GB

Free space in total: 60 GB

Conditions of 3 partitions after cloned:

*After allocating enough used space of each partition, the rest 60 GB will be divided in to 3 parts equally and add to each partition separately.

conditions of target disk

Step 3: Boot the computer with the new disk after clone.

You can try the following 2 plans to boot from the new disk:

Take off the original disk, connect the new one and boot from the new disk directly.

Change the boot order in BIOS and boot from new disk. (Do not know how to make it? Click here for more. )

* Please make sure the computer can boot from the new disk normally before formatting the original disk.

change disk
Now, clone entire large HDD to smaller SSD or HDD is no more difficult for us. With freeware Renee Becca, you can make it in 2 simple clicks and experience the new SSD in minutes. Download the free version!
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