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How to improve computer's performance sharply? Migrate OS to SSD is a good solution! But how to replace the HDD with SSD with the OS you are using now? With Renee Becca, you can migrate OS and data in system disk from HDD to SSD with 4 simple steps! You can boot from new SSD after migration finish!

Want to upgrade your HDD to a new SSD to get a better system performance? However, if you want to replace the HDD with the SSD, you are told to reinstall a new Windows system, which may cost a fortune. Can we just migrate the original operating system in HDD to the SSD? Yes, it works. But the process of migration OS (Operating System) is a time-consuming process. With Renee Becca , you can free from this problem. All you need to do is 4 simple clicks and Renee Becca will finish the rest for you.
clone HDD to ssd
Professional Data Backup & Restore Software - Renee Beccadata bacup software Renee Becca

Provides multiple functions like backup, restore, clone, system migration.

Clone all data (including system) in HDD to smaller SSD or larger HDD. Disk could boot PC after clone finished.

Supports to migrate Windows to SSD with a few clicks.

4K alignment will be processed when clone disk, migrate system, restore disk or system.

Backup & restore system/disk/folder. Auto backup plans are available.

Provides functions like backup, restore, clone, system migration.

Clone all data (including system) in HDD to smaller SSD or larger HDD.

Backup & restore system/disk/folder. Auto backup plans are available.

Compatible with: Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP / 2008 / 2012(32bit/64bit) / Server 2008

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5000 people have download and make the disk clone successfully!

Advantages of Migrating OS to SSD

  • Take Less Time to launch software and system
  • The speed of read and write is mcuh faster than that of traditional HDD
  • Lower power consumption
  • No vibration or noise when it works

How to Migrate OS to SSD with Renee Becca

>> Before migration:

  • Make sure the capacity of your target SSD is equal to or larger than that of your current system disk.
  • If you have data inside the SSD, please backup before migrating the OS.
Download Renee Becca and start migration now!
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Step 1: Launch Renee Becca and click “Clone” on the left side.
Clone system to SSD
Step 2: Select the SSD you prepare for the migration.
What should be paid attention to before the migration?

Please make sure the capacity of the target SSD is larger than the used space of the original system disk, because the reserved recovery partition is not included. You can have a check of the system size when you click “System Redeploy” in “Clone” function.

select the target SSD
Step 3: Click “Redeploy” then a widow will pop up. Please click “Yes” to continue next process. 
Worrying about the hidden partition which contains critical boot files? Renee Becca will detective this partition and then reallocate the hidden partition in the target SSD.
start ssd clone
Step 4: After the migration finished, you can start your computer with the new SSD.
  • Please do not format the system disk before you make sure the SSD works fine.
  • You can take off the HDD and connect the SSD to compute after shuting down the computer. Then the computer will automatically boot from SSD.
  • If you do not want to take off the HDD, please connect the SSD and then change the boot order in BIOS.
Please click here to find more about how to change the boot order of your computer brand. (Cannot find your brand? Please refer to your PC manual to find out the method.)
BIOS menu
4 simple steps help you easily migrate OS to SSD! All you need is a SSD and Renee Becca! Start your computer with SSD after migration right away.
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