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To get more space for cell phone, most users will extend the space for their phone with SD card. However, we may encounter SD card damaged, formatted, unable to read/write when using the SD card. As a result, we may lose data inside. When the SD card is damaged, how can we fix the SD card and recover data inside?

Part 1: About SD Card in Mobile Phone

Micro SD, was called TF card, is a special designed mini SD card for extending mobile phone space. Micro SD card is what we call mobile phone SD card. SD card has been into public eyes when smart phone has not released. But the capacity of SD card is not large enough, micro SD card has become the main stream of storage tool.

approach to recovering deleted phtos from android phones

Although the capacity of smart phone released recent years has been improved greatly, and many mobile phone manufacturers has canceled the Micro SD card extension, parts of users still extend capacity for their phones with Micro SD card with SD card slot. 。

However, the various qualities of the SD card and the improper usage habits of users will lead to SD card failure or damaged. Users may fail to read or write data to the SD card and lost important data like photos or videos in the SD card.

Here, we will list possible reasons which may damage the SD card and the maintenance. Besides, data recovery methods of finding back lost data from SD card under different situations will be introduced as well.

Part 2: Possible Reasons Lead to SD Card Damaged and Data Lost

If the SD card is damaged, we may receive the notification like damaged, be required to format or fail to read or write data.

SD card get damaged or is required to format could be caused by the improper ejection of the SD card when reading data or SD card is attacked by virus or malware.

Some software will create cache in the SD card. However, some faulty software may lead to the file system failure. As a result, SD card will fail to work when the software trying to read data from it.

damaged sd card has to be reformatted

Another possible reason is that the SD card does not adopt Wear Leveling technology. So, data will keep written to the same blocks which may shorten its lifespan and lead to files system damaged.

Besides the above reason, SD card failure could be also caused by the poor connection. If we encounter such situation, please take off the SD card and then clean the contactor of the SD card with eraser. Besides, you can also insert the SD card to another smart phone to test whether it is the problem of the SD card slot. If the SD card still cannot be read or damaged, your SD card may get physical damaged and you should get a new card.

recover deleted photos from android by ereasing sd card contacts

What should be Paid Attention to after Losing Data in SD Card?

If we lost data in the SD card, please stop using the smart phone because new data like new message, call history will create cache and overwritten the lost data in SD card. After stop using the phone, please disconnect the smart phone from network and remove the SIM card. Then try to recover the data with professional data recovery software.

Part 3: How to Recover Data from Mobile Phone and SD Card

If your SD card is not fractured or gets other physical damage, please try to recover data with the following software or methods before fixing the SD card when you receive the notification that your SD card is damaged on smart phone.

1. Scan the SD Card on Computer with Software

Firstly, please follow the steps blow to uninstall the SD card: Go to Settings > Storage > Unmount SD card. Then please remove the SD card from the slot and then connect it to computer with card reader. And scan the SD card with the following software to recover data.

unmount sd card on android phone and connect it to pc

PhotoRec (Windows / Mac / Linux)

Being a free open source data recovery software, PhotoRec can recover lost data from hard disk, drive and memory card. PhotoRec will skip the file system and recover data from the root. So, users can still recover data back with PhotoRec when the files system is seriously damaged or reformatted.

use photorec to recover deleted photos from sd card

But for some users, PhotoRec is not so user friendly. Users need to process the data recovery in Command Prompt window. If you are not familiar with the Command Prompt, please try the following software.

PhotoRec free sd card recovery application

Renee Undeleter (Windows / Mac)

Being a professional data recovery software, Renee Undeleter can help you recover data from hard disk, USB disk or even SD card no matter you just format them, delete data or empty the recycle bin. It can also help you to recover deleted photos from Android in steps.

renee undeleter helps you recover data easily

Adopting the powerful file system rebuild technology, Renee Undeleter can rebuild file system for SD card by skipping the broken blocks and help users recover as much as files from the SD card.

Renee Undeleter - Powerful Data Recovery SoftwareRenee Undeleter data Recovery software

Easy to use Only simple steps to recover data from storage devices.

Multiple scan modes Fast partition scan, whole partition scan and whole disk scan for different recovery needs.

File types Support to recover pictures, videos, audios, documents, mails, etc.

Supported storage devices Recover data from recycle bin, SD card, external disk, etc.

Supported systems Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000 and Mac OS X10.6, 10.7, 10.8.

Easy to use Only simple steps to recover data from storage devices.

Multiple scan modes - 3 scan modes for different recovery needs.

Supported storage devices Recover data from recycle bin, SD card, external disk, etc.

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3000 users have downloaded Renee Undeleter and found data back!

Data Recovery Steps:

① Download and install Renee Undeleter. Then please connect the SD card to computer with card reader.

install and launch renee undeleter for data recovery

② Launch Renee Undeleter and select desired scan mode (Fast partition, Whole partition scan, Whole disk scan). Here we take Fast partition scan as an example.

select the function fast partition scan in renee undeleter

③ Select the smart phone SD card from the list and click “Next”.

select the target drive to scan in renee undeleter

④ You can also select the scan mode according to your needs. Fast scan can save your time while Deep scan can find out more data.

select fast scan mode in renee undeleter

⑤ Select desired recovered file types in advanced settings. If you are not so sure, just choose “Default settings” settings.

select file types to recover

⑥ Wait for the scanning finish. The scan time will depend on the capacity of the SD card.

⑦ After scan finish, select the target files you want to recover. You can double click it to preview.

select the target files to recover in fast partition scan

⑧ Select a target place to save the recovered data and click “Recover” to restore your files.

select the destination to save the recovered files in renee undeleter

In order not to overwrite the lost data, please do not save the recovered data to the original SD card. You can fix the SD card after recovering all lost data.

2. Recover from Cloud Service

Some users prefer to backup data to some cloud services or network service, such as iCloud and iTunes for iPhone, cloud service for Android users. If you lost data from the SD card and smart phone, you can find them back with these backup in cloud.

recover deleted photos from the phone which is not in android

3. Find Back with Data Recovery Apps

 Renee Android Recovery (For Android)

Renee Android Recovery is a free data recovery software for Android device. It can recover different files from Android devices including memory card in Android device. Only one click, users can recover data from target device. Whole process is 100% safe without saving or uploading users’ data.

Professional Android Recovery Tool - Renee Android Recovery

Multiple supported files Get back contacts, notes, videos, music, etc from Android devices.

Supported devices Both smart phones and tablets which installed Android and Windows.

Easy to go With a few simple steps to get data back.

Overall solution Solve data lost caused by different situations like mistakenly deleted, virus attack, etc.

Free Trial Contains 20MB free recovery quota for trial.

Multiple supported files Get back contacts, notes, videos, music, etc.

Supported devices Smart phones and tablets installed Android and Windows.

Easy to go With a few simple steps to get data back.

Free TrialFree Trial 2000 users have downloaded and recovered data back!
Before using Renee Android Recovery, users need to disconnect the devices from Internet and take off the SIM card. Or you will receive messages or even phone call when scanning the device. This will lead to the recovered data fail. Besides, the Android devices you want to recover data from need to be rooted beforehand. Click here for “How to Root Android Devices”.
How to Recover Deleted Photos or Data from Android Device with Renee Android Recovery

① Download and install Renee Android Recovery. Then open the software and read the 4 tips on the first page.

read 4 tips carefully in renee android recovery

② Connect the Android phone to computer and then Renee Android Recovery will recognize your device automatically and install “Renee Undeleter App” in your phone.

android phone is connecting to the computer

③ After connecting the phone, please check the file types you want to recover. You can also check “Select All” and then click “Next”.

select all types of deleted files in renee data recovery for android

④ Wait for the scan finish. The scanning time will depend on the capacity of the Android device. Users can preview the scanned files when scanning processes. Please select the target data and recover after scan finish.

select the file to recover in renee android recovery

 Renee iPhone Recovery (For iOS Device)

Specially designed for recovering data from iOS devices, Renee iPhone Recovery can recover different file types from iOS devices, iTunes and iCloud backup. With simple recovery steps, users can find back lost data from iPhone, iPad and iPod with short time.

Professional iOS Data Recovery - Renee iPhone RecoveryRenee iPhone Recovery software

Easy to GoOnly with a few steps, you can find back data from iOS devices.

3 Recovery SelectionsSupport to recover data from iOS devices, iTunes backup and iCloud backup files.

Multiple Files SupportedSupport to recover photos, videos, contacts, notes, call history, ect.

Compatible with: Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP (32bit/64bit)

Easy to GoOnly with a few steps, you can find back data from iOS devices.

3 Recovery SelectionsSupport to recvoer data from iOS devices, iTunes backup and iCloud backup files.

Multiple Files SupportedSupport to recover photos, videos, contacts, notes, call history, ect.

Free TrialDownload

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How to Recover Data from iOS Devices with Renee iPhone Recovery

① Download and install Renee Android Recovery. Then connect target iPhone to computer. Run the software.

renee iphone recovery installation

② Select target iOS device in the list and click “Recover Lost Data”.

recover lost data in renee iphone data recovery

③ Select “Recover from iOS device” on the left side panel. Then click “Start Scan”. Users can also choose to recover from iTunes backup or iCloud backup.

start to scan iphone in renee iphone data recovery

④ Please wait until the scan finish. Then please select target files and click “Recover”.

how to reocver deleted photo on iphone

Part 4: How to Fix Damaged SD Card for Mobile Phone

1. How to Fix SD Card for Mobile Phone

◆ Fix SD Card with Chkdsk

Command tool chkdsk in Windows can fix damaged SD card effectively. But chkdsk is to fix the file system in SD card, and it will delete or overwrite the seriously damaged files. As a result, users can not recover data back from the SD card once chkdks is processed. So, it is recommended to recover important data from SD card with data recovery software before going through chkdsk.

How to Fix SD Card with Chkdsk

① Connect the smart phone SD card to computer with card reader.

② Press “Win + S” and type [cmd] in the search box.

search cmd to open command prompt

③ Right click “Command Prompt” in the search result. Then select “Run as administrator” in the menu.

run command prompt as administrator in start menu

④ Type in [chkdsk G:/F] in the pop up command prompt window.

G here refers to the disk label of the SD card (Please modify it according to your situation). /F here means fix.

type chkdsk to fix the corrupted sd card

⑤ Press [Enter] to process the command. Then chkdsk will check the SD card to find out and fix error. Please follow the guidance to fix the SD card.

chkdsk f /f to fix sd card recovery

◆ Fix SD Card with Disk Detection Utility

Disk detection utility can help users to find out the error in files system of SD card and fix the file system and possible bad sector in SD card.

How to Fix SD Card with Disk Detection Utility

① Connect the smart phone SD card to computer with card reader.

② Right click the SD card in “This PC” and choose “Properties” from the menu.

right click at properties

③ Go to “Tools” tab and click “Check” button.

go to usb properties and check it

④ Click “Scan and repair drive”. You can choose to fix the found error or not.

confirm to scan the usb to find errors

Fix SD Card with Format

● Format the SD Card on Smart Phone

Go to Settings and then Storage in your phone. Find out the SD card and click “Format SD Card”. After that, you will receive the notification that all data in your SD card will be erased. Please click “OK” and wait for the format finished.

format sd card on Android phone by steps

After you formatting the SD card on smart phone, please check whether the error still exists. If yes, please eject the SD card from mobile phone properly. And then format it on computer.
● Format SD Card on Computer

① Eject the SD card and connect to computer with card reader.

② Go to Disk management, right click the SD card and select “Format”.

right click to select format sd card in disk management

③ Select the desired file system, check “Perform a quick format” and click “OK”.

select file system in sd card formatting

2. Is it Necessary to Fix Mobile Phone SD Card

Taking the advantages of small size, fast data transmission speed and affordable price, SD card has been widely used in portable devices like smart phone. But SD card is easily to get damaged with these characteristics. If it is just some non-physical damaged like file system error and data corruption, we can fix it with simple steps.

micro sd card display

However, if it is the hardware of the SD card gets damaged, the only way is to get a new SD card. Some smart phone does not support SD card extension any more. If you want to get a new smart phone recently, please confirm whether the model you want to buy supports SD card. It is recommended to recover the lost data from the SD card before you make the decision.

micro sd card has been broken

What’s more, SD card has its own lifespan. If you used it for a long time and encounter errors frequently, there is no need to fix it. Here, we will provide some methods to estimate and determine the lifespan of the SD card.

3. How to Estimate the Lifespan of SD Card

SD card produced by formal manufacturers is with good quality chips and excellent craft to reach the standard lifespan. Besides, such SD card is often with guarantee. However, some SD card with poor quality or manufacturing process, the lifespan of such SD card is short and the quality cannot be guaranteed.

how to recover deleted photos from sd card on android phone

Besides, the lifespan of two same SD card will also be different due to the different usage habits. So, is it possible for us to estimate the lifespan of the SD card?

 How to Estimate the Lifespan of the SD Card

Most low-end SD card will not equipped with S.M.A.R.T (Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology), which means users are hard to master the lifespan and the usage information of the SD card via monitor. Actually, users can make it with the following formula with the amount of data you saved when using the SD card.

SD Card Lifespan (Days)  =  Erase cycles  *  SD card capacity (GB)  *  90%  /  Used Capacity everyday (GB)

Take a 16GB SD card with TLC flash memory as an example. The theoretical write cycle is 1000 times. Actually, the write cycle of such SD card with good quality is about 600 to 800 times while the one with poor quality is just 100 to 200. If we save about 10GB data to the SD card everyday, then the estimated lifespan of the SD card (with good quality) is about 800*16GB*0.9/10GB = 1152 days.

The lifespan is about 3 years. For SD card with poor quality, the lifespan is about 1 year. Of course, this is also related to the guarantee of the SD card.

All in all, the lifespan of the SD card is greatly related to users’ usage habits. If users often save data in full capacity of the SD card size, the lifespan will be shortened accordingly. Besides, the quality of the flash memory matters as well. Please refer to “Details of QLC, SLC, MLC and TLC” for more about the flash memory.

 How to Determine the Lifespan of the SD Card

For some high-end SD card, it provides S.M.A.R.T. data, counts error and related statistics. And users can detect the lifespan of such SD card with some detection tools. For detailed methods, please refer to “Detect the Lifespan of SD Card”.

Part 5: Maintenance of SD Card

1. Do not eject or remove the SD card when it is busying in writing data. Or the file system will get damaged and lead to data lost.

2. Connecting the SD card to computer with suitable card reader instead of connecting via a cable. Connecting the SD card to computer with data cable for a long time may lead to SD card damaged.

insert micro sd card into card reader

3. Do not make the SD card to save cache in your smart phone. Because any Apps in your smart phone will create cache at any time and frequently data saving will ruin your SD card.

4. Please place the SD card in a safe place after you removing it from your phone and will not use it recently. Any improper storage of your SD card may lead to physical damage like oxidation and breaking. It is recommended to save the SD card with its box.

how to fix a damaged sd card without formatting it

5. Avoid editing or modifying data you save in the SD card directly after connecting the SD card to computer. Or you may fail to read these data.

6. Please stop saving data to the SD card if the power of your smart phone is insufficient. SD card may get damage if your phone lose power suddenly.