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Nowadays, the developing technology allows us communication, social interaction, entertainment and studying on smart phones. The increasing information eats up the storage. Some people will use an SD to expand the storage. When managing the files, Android users may notice the LOST.DIR files. What is the LOST.DIR file? Is it safe to delete these files? Let’s find out the answer in this essay!

what is lost dir file
Part 1: What is LOST.DIR File and What is Inside the Folder?
Many people may ask what LOST.DIR is. LOST.DIR is a system folder used to collect the corrupted data produced when the process of writing data is interrupted in Android, including memory database, swap files, temporary files, caches and the other files. You can regard it as the Recycle Bin in Windows OS in which the files and photos are discoverable. If the important files get corrupted in the writing process, you can recover them from the LOST.DIR folder.
what is lost dir file in adroind smart phone
Why do LOST.DIR files appear:

  • The process of downloading files is interrupted.
  • The SD card is ejected from the Android phone when it is writing some files.
  • The SD card is plugged out incorrectly.
  • The Android phone is frozen.
  • The Android phone is shut down when the SD card is reading/writing files.

If you meet with the above situations, you will have files missing on your phone. These files will be saved in the LOST.DIR folder.

Part 2: Can LOST.DIR File be Deleted?
After figuring out what the LOST.DIR file is, some people may wonder whether it is safe to delete the LOST.DIR folder. If you never lose or need the important files saved in the folder, you can delete them freely. After all, it can save storage space. However, there is no point in deleting the LOST.DIR folder because it will reappear when the system reboots.

If you want to recover the important files from the LOST.DIR folder, Renee Undeleter can help you.

Part 3: How to Recover LOST.DIR Files?
If the process of writing data is interrupted and the files get lost on the SD card, you should stop using the card immediately. Otherwise, once the new data covers the former data, it is difficult to recover them.

Yet, it is very difficult to find out the target files because the LOST.DIR files are usually renamed with numbers. Therefore, if you want to quickly recover the files from the LOST.DIR folder, you need a third-party application. Here we recommend a powerful data recovery application – Renee Undeleter. Let’s have a look how to recover the LOST.DIR files with this application.

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① Use a card reader to connect the SD card to the computer.

how to recover deleted pictures from the SD card when it is connected to pc
② Download and install Renee Undeleter. Then, select [Fast Partition Scan].
select the function fast partition scan in renee undeleter
③ Select the target SD card and click [Next] to go on.
select the target drive to scan in renee undeleter
④ Select [Fast Scan] or [Deep Scan]. Note that the deep scan mode is time-consuming, depending on how many files are saved in the SD card. After clicking at [Next], wait for scanning.
select fast scan mode in renee undeleter
⑤ Preview the scan results and check your target files. Then, click [Recover] to set the save settings.
select the target files to recover in fast partition scan
select the destination to save the recovered files in renee undeleter
TipsIf Android users accidentally delete the photos/videos in smartphones, you can also use Renee Undeleter to recover them.