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Some people may feel shocked when their SD cards failed to work or even got damaged. In the article, we will provide you with some methods to quickly fix the SD card and keep the SD card data.

how to recover deleted photos from the micro sd card in android phone
These scenes may happen when you are using the Android phone:

  • Photos that are saved in the SD card disappear.
  • Photos or videos in the SD card cannot be view after connected to PC.
  • Some windows pop up, such as “SD card not formatted”, “SD card not recognized”.


These are telling you that your SD card has been damaged. If yours is Android phone, you may get the message saying that “Damaged SD card”.

corrupted damaged sd card has to be reformatted on android
When you decide to fix the SD card, you should recover the inside data. But how to recover them, especially the deleted photos from the SD card in the Android phone? Renee Undeleter can help you complete this part.

Part 1. How to Recover Deleted Photos from SD Card of Android Phone with Renee Undeleter

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① Download and install Renee Undeleter.

② After connecting the SD card to the computer, launch Renee Undeleter and go to [Fast Partition Scan].

use sd card reader to connect to the computer
start a fast partition scan
③ Having selected the target SD card, click [Next] to enter the next step.
select target disk to process fast partition scan in renee undeleter to try sd card recovery for android
④ Wait for scanning the SD card. It takes a longer time for a larger SD card.
select the target files to recover in fast partition scan
⑤ Finally, check the target files and click [Recover] to output them.
select the output folder for usb or sd card recovery session in renee undeleter
The above steps are shown in Windows. Mac users can click here to get the detailed steps.
TipsRenee Undeleter is so effective, powerful that you can select different scan modes for different recovery needs, such as individual files, formatted or damaged drives. If you want to know more about data recovery software, click here for more.
Having recovered and backed up the SD card, you can fix it. At first, you can insert it into the phone and format it directly. This is the simplest way to fix. Yet, if the SD card is damaged severely, it wouldn’t be formatted. At this situation, you can refer to the following methods.

Part 2. Fix Damaged SD Card in Android Phone

Method 1: Fix Damaged SD Card with CHKDSK

The command CHKDSK can fix logical errors in the SD card. This way suits the SD card that is not physically damaged and can be recognized and assigned a drive letter by the computer. But those file impossibly repaired will be deleted and covered by the other data. In case of data loss, you can use Renee Undeleter to recover and save the data before running the fix command.

① Insert the SD card into the card reader. Connect it to the computer.

② Go to Search and type in [cmd]. Then [Command Prompt] will be listed. Select it and right-click to run as administrator.

enable command prompt
③ In the window, type [chkdsk n:/f]. n: is the drive letter of the target SD card and /f is the fixing command. Then press Enter to run and exit the window as it is finished.
type chkdsk to fix the corrupted sd card
If this way fails, you can try the second method.

Method 2: Fix SD Card with SD Formatter

SD Formatter can help you fix the damaged SD card (download link: ). SD Formatter is a tool to fix/format/erase SD card. It can replace the formatting tool built in Windows. Besides, compatible with Windows and MacOS, it can improve the instability and restore the original performance of the SD card in Android phone.

① Install SD Formatter and connect the SD card to the computer.

② Launch the application and select the target SD card. Then, select one of the formatting options, [Quick format] and [Overwrite format]. Quick format is that files and folders are deleted but allowed to recover by the third-party application; while overwrite format is that all data will be thoroughly erased. If the SD card is unable to be formatted or deleted, or the capacity is shown as 0, please select [Overwrite format].

how to recover deleted photos from sd card in android with sd formatter
③ Finally, click [Format] to start. When formatting is complete, the SD card will be fixed well. By the way, this application can restore the default writing/reading efficiency.
To avoid repeated damages on the SD card, here are some suggestions for the daily maintenance.

Part 3. SD Card Daily Maintenance

Through improper operations, the SD card easily gets damaged:

  • Download the applications from the unauthorized websites.
  • Suddenly plug out the SD card from the phone to stop the writing/reading progress.
  • Not follow the routine steps to eject the SD card from the computer.
  • Run the large files/applications for a long time to lead the SD overheated.

In case of these situations, please note:

1. Don’t suddenly plug out the in-use SD card.

Regardless of phones, cameras or card readers, the SD card cannot be plugged out suddenly, especially when it is writing or reading! Otherwise, it will spoil the unique files system inside the SD card and lead to storage errors.

2. Keep away from heat, water and oil

The SD card is a semi-conductor flash memory unit, part of the electronic devices. It should keep away from heat, oil and water. Otherwise, the SD card will be easily damaged. When not using it, you can put it into a card box.

3. Use card reader

Using a card reader to connect the SD card with the computer can make data accessing effective. If you want to transfer data from phones or cameras, a card reader can avoid power outage in this process.

4. Avoid directly editing on SD card

If you want to view the photos in the SD card, you should copy them on the computer beforehand. If you directly edit files on the SD card, you may be unable to view them, or even greatly slow down the accessing speed.