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In Windows 10, we can login the account with Pin code instead of using Microsoft account password. Similar with traditional password, PIN is combined with numbers. However, it is safer and more convenience than traditional password. So we recommend Windows 10 users to use the PIN password. Here we will introduce the advantages of using the PIN code to login Windows 10 and how to set the pin code.

Why is PIN Code a Better Choice?

password is out
At the first time we try to login Windows 10, the notification of “Password is out of date” surprises most users. Now, Microsoft recommends users to login Windows 10 with PIN which is one of the methods to protect local data. We may confuse here:” What is PIN?”. Here, we will introduce the advantages of PIN and how it works.

What is PIN?

Provided by Windows 10, PIN is a plan to protect the data security of Microsoft account. Compared with traditional password, it is easy to remember, bind with devices, etc. Besides, the information of the password is saved in local disk. After setting the PIN, users can login the PC with simple PIN. Data security of any other Microsoft service will not be influenced even if the PIN is leaked. Here is the comparison between PIN and the password of Microsoft account.
Password of Microsoft AccountPIN
Password ExampleP @ $ sw0rd1234
StorageSaved on the InternetSaved in local disk
UsageTo login Microsoft service like, OneDrive, Office 365 and Xbox Live.Login account and software in PC.

Advantages of Using PIN

More convenience

advantages of PIN code
We may accept complicated punctuation, numbers, upper case and lower case. Although it can enhance the security of the account, it is inconvenience when we enter the password. However, it is convenience if we login the account with PIN which requires 4 characters or even just numbers.

Binds with device
bind with device
The encryption of PIN is offered by the TPM chip. PIN is a local password which binds with specify hardware. Others can not login your account even they know the related PIN. And even they try to login the related PC with the PIN, information of other service will stay safe.
PIN is saved in local disk

PIN storage
When we login the account with Internet connection, the password could be hacked in transaction. However, logging in PC with PIN will be processed locally.The password will not be saved on the server, which can enhance the security of the data security.

How to Set PIN Code in Windows 10

How to Set PIN

Before setting PIN, we need to set the login password for our account. And the login password can help us delete the PIN if we forget it. So, we need to save the login password carefully. If you forget the login password of Windows 10, please try to reset Windows 10 password with Renee Passnow to regain access to your account in minutes.

Step 1: Select “Settings” in “Start” menu.

go to settings in start menu

Step 2: Select “Account” in the pop up window.

select account in settings

Step 3: Click “Sign-in options” on the left hand and then click “Add” in PIN item.

add pin code

Step 4: Enter the PIN and click “OK” to process the settings. (Here, we recommend you to set a password combines with 4 numbers.)

set pin code

Step 5: We can login the account with the new set PIN after restarting.

login with pin

How to Change Windows 10 PIN

If you want to change the PIN, please click “Change” in the PIN item and then enter the related password.Finally, please click “OK” to process the modification.
change pin

How to Remove Windows 10 PIN

Step 1: Please go to the “PIN” item in “Sign-in option” and click “Remove”.

remove pin

Step 2: Enter the login password of the related account and click “OK” to verify and remove the PIN.

verify before removing PIN