15 August 2017  Amanda J. Brook  Senior Product Manager


Forgot the login password for Windows 10? No problem. No matter you are using the administrator, local account or the Microsoft account, you can find some quick solutions here! Even 4 simple steps reset Windows 10 password for you without data lost! No need to reinstall the computer system!

The sign-in password can help us prevent unauthorized access to our computer. Of course, in the new Windows system – Windows 10, we can get better protection of our data.  So, part of computer users choose to upgrade to Windows 10 or purchase a brand new computer with Windows 10. However, some found that the login password does not work anymore after updating to Windows 10. Or some even forgot the login password .

Then can we reset Windows 10 password? Of course you can. As long as you learn how to reset Windows 10 password for local account and Microsoft account, you would no longer worry about Windows 10 password lost.

For local account and administrator, the best and easiest way to reset the forgotten or incorrect password for Windows 10 is to use the pre-created password reset disk. But what if you do not create the password reset disk, what to do? Then the following methods may do you a favor!

Method 1: Reset Password with the Help of Other Administrator

If you share your computer with others, you may create another account which be set up to have administrator privilege. If yes, you can ask them to change the password for your with their account.
If your account is the only one on your computer, you may try the Method 3 directly if you do not want to reinstall Windows 10.

Method 2: Reset Password via Microsoft if You Use Microsoft Account

If you use the Microsoft account to login your computer, then you need to reset the password for the email. Go to the sign in page of Microsoft and reset the password.
However, the Microsoft password reset service does not work and want to access to the data as soon as possible? What if we do not have the password reset disk and it is the only one account or the account is Microsoft account? Does it means we are unable to reset it and has to clean install Windows and lost all data? Of course not! Try the method below!

Method 3: Reset Windows 10 Password with Renee Passnow

If you can not remove the login password, then Renee Passnow is your best choice. All the things you need just  a workable computer and a USB stick. Only 4 steps for whole reset process. Works on all usual Windows system including Windows 10!
If the online recovery service doesn’t work, turning the Microsoft account into local one with Renee Passnow can help you access any important files or folders that may have been locked up in that account.

Key features of Renee Passnow

  • Only 4 simple steps! Do not require related professional knowledge.
  • No guessing! No any possible password combination! Reset the password back to blank directly!
  • No influence! Whole reset process just takes 5 minutes and will not damage data inside.
  • For local account and administrator, Renee Passsnow will remove the password directly.
  • For Microsoft account, Renee Passnow will turn the Microsoft account into the local account and preserve all the data inside the account.

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 Windows 10 Password Reset Process with Renee Passnow

Please make the 3 tasks below to reset the login password for Windows 10.

* Renee Passnow is compatible with Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista

Task 1: Download and Install Renee Passnow


Task 2: Create Bootable Media with Renee Passnow

You need:

  • Renee Passnow
  • Windows computer which can login and work normally (To download and install Renee Passnow).
  • USB stick or CD/DVD(Need 200MB at least)
Bootable media create process:

1. Choose creation method: USB or CD/DVD

2. Connect the USB/CD/DVD to your computer and then please click “Create USB” or “Create CD” to process the creation.

Tips: Please backup your data inside the USB drive in advanced. Because creating the bootable USB will erase all data inside the USB.

create bootable media

Task 3: Reset Password with the Created Bootable Media

You need:

The bootable media you created in Step 2.

Process of Reset Password:

Step 1: Boot the target PC from the bootable USB/CD/DVD. 

1. Connect the bootable media to the PC you want to reset password for.
insert bootable CD
2. Enter BIOS setting. 
Please hold a Hot key to enter the BIOS menu.Please click here to find how to change the boot order of your computer brand.(Can not find your brand? Please refer to your PC manual to find out the method).
Change the boot order of the target PC in BIOS. If the bootable drive is not first in the boot order, your PC will start “normally” (i.e. boot from your hard drive) and will not check your disc drive.
If your computer is UEFI environment, check boot from USB under UEFI environment.
change boot order
After successfully changing the boot order, please save the BIOS and reboot your PC.

Step 2: Run “PassNow!” after booting from the USB/CD/DVD. 

Load in Renee Passnow and select the “PassNow!” function.
main menu of Renee Passnow

Step 3: Select target system in the list. 


Step 4: Select the target account then click “Clear Password” to reset its login password.

After reset successful, please restart your PC. Before restarting the computer, please disconnect the bootable USB/CD from your computer. Then your computer will boot normally.
select account
Also, you can click “Create new account” to make a new administrator to solve this problem with Renee Passnow.
create new account
After Renee Passnow remove the password successfully, please disconnect the bootable media and restart PC. Then you can login your computer without password.
No matter the computer you are using is Windows XP, Vista,7, 8 or even the newest Windows 10, Renee Passnow can help you easily reset the login password for both local account and administrator. If you are using Microsoft account to login your computer, Renee Passnow can also help you regain access to computer in 5 minutes by changing the Microsoft account into a local one. Simply 4 steps and no data lost! Download and have a try now!