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3 simple steps, you can clone smaller SSD to a larger one without making image files. Entirely free disk clone software - Renee Becca is waiting for you.

The 128GB SSD in my computer is almost full. I want to replace a larger one to hold the system and data inside without reinstalling system. Is that possible? Any easy way to make it?

SSD is not so proud of capacity like HDD does. The most charismatic point is its fast read/write speed which can improve the system performance if you replace HDD with SSD. It is very common that the capacity is not enough especially for 128GB and 256GB users. At this moment, you may want to replace the smaller SSD with a larger one.
Some users may want to make backup and restore. However, it is a little complicate to repartition the free space with disk manager in Windows. Now, entirely free professional clone software – Renee Becca helps you clone smaller SSD to larger one with 3 simple steps.
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Compatible with Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista.

Clone SSD to SSD with Renee Becca, you can,

Make the SSD clone in steps!

Clone entire SSD to new SSD with system, data, files inside directly!

Make use of the free space in new SSD by add new paritition(s), extend original partition size.

No need to change the format of the new SSD before clone. Renee Becca will make it.

Clone smaller SSD/disk to a larger one.

Boot with the new SSD once clone finish.

Migrate system to SSD only!

How to Clone SSD to SSD in Windows 10/8/7?

Preparation before Clone:
  1. Select the right SSD from factor and interface which fits for your computer, especially for laptop.
  2. Make a full backup for both SSD.
  3. Download and install Renee Becca.

Step 1: Launch Renee Becca. Select “Clone Function” and then please click “Disk Clone”.

select disk clone function

Step 2: Select the target SSD and you can have a check of the size of partitions in SSD. After assure, just click “Clone”.

You can make use of the free space by adding new partition(s) or extend the original partitions.
disk clone extend settings

Step 3: After clone finished, please try to boot from the new SSD.

Please make sure the new SSD is bootable before formatting the source SSD.
change disk
No matter you want to clone SSD to SSD or just migrate system from SSD to another larger one, entirely free SSD clone software – Renee Becca makes it for you in 3 simple steps!
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