Free SD Card Backup and Restore

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Freeware Renee Becca helps you backup and restore SD card at anytime, anywhere! Also you can directly copy the SD card to a new one with Clone function in Renee Becca without making image!

Since SD card is much more convenience to take away, it has been widely used to save photos, videos, music and other types of files. Besides, it has been greatly apply to Android mobiles, tablets and cameras. Then if you save important data to the SD card, it is necessary to make a backup for it. Also, if you want to transfer the data inside the SD card to another larger one, you can try the following simple methods. It is recommend to use an entirely free backup software.
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Copy & Paste Manually

copy and paste

Free Backup & Restore


Method 1: Copy and Paste the Files Manually

Without the help of third party software, you can simply plug the SD card into your computer and then use “Copy” and “Paste” button to transfer the files. This method is available for most SD card.
However, if it is a copy-protected SD card, this method could not work. Additionally, copying and pasting files sometimes could hang due to files errors. In order to solve these problems, professional data backup software – Renee Becca can help.

Method 2: Free Data Backup Software

To save backup time and space, you can select professional free backup & restore software – Renee Becca which is designed to backup and restore system/disk/partition and migrate system to SSD.
Unlike manual copy and paste, Renee Becca allows you to clone SD card to another one or make a backup and restore it at anytime. Besides, the software provides different backup modes like incremental backup and differential backup which can helps you update the backup regularly as well as save the disk space.

Follow the steps below, you can make SD card backup and restore easily!

If you want to clone the SD card to another destination, please refer to hard drive clone.

Step 1: Download and install Renee Becca on your computer.

Renee Becca is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP and 2003.
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Step 2: Select “Disk/Partition Backup” in “Backup” function. 

select disk backup function

Step 3: Select the target SD card, destination and set the name for backup files in the pop up window. Then please click “Backup” to process.


You can make an auto-backup plan for the SD card by clicking “Turn On” in “Schedule”.

1. Five different backup modes are available: Version chain mode, Single version mode, Full mode, Differential Mode and Incremental mode.
2. Set “Advanced settings”.
3. You can choose one of the internal hard disk partitions (except the system partition) or an external hard disk as the destination disk.
4. Before you start the SD card backup, do not forget to connect your SD card to your computer. To do so, simply remove the SD card, put it in an SD card reader and finally connect the drive to your computer.

create backup for SD card

Step 4: When you need to restore the backup, just select the target .iso file in “Task” tab.


Restoration of the backup file will erase all data in the target location. If you save important data in target location, please save to another place or create a backup.

restore the backup
No matter you want to clone the SD card directly or make a backup and restore to anywhere for it, Renee Becca can help you make this in a few steps.
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