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HDD has been widely adopted to be the hard disk in traditional computer. Now, HDD with a capacity of 10TB even 12TB could be found in consumer market. However, we still need to get a overall protection to data security even we use HDD with large capacity. This essay will introduce how to transfer data from one internal hard drive to another when Windows works and fails to work.


Part 1: Introduction of HDD

HDD, shorts of the Hard Disk Drive, is the traditional mechanical hard drive. Assembled by platters, magnetic heads, moving actuator arm, connectors, controller chip, etc, HDD takes the following advantages:
  • Larger Capacity: The capacity of hard disk in laptop is about 500GB and 2TB while it can reach 2TB in desktop.
  • Lower Cost: With the output of SSD, the price of HDD steps down over time. Now you can get a new 1TB HDD with only $50.
  • Longer Lifespan: The life span of HDD could reach 20 years before it fails.
However, data inside the HDD is easily got damaged. Data written and access in HDD is by the moving parts. Sometimes, this reading and writing operation could harm the platters or the head and lead to data lost finally. Besides, improper transportation could also damage the hard disk.
So, it is necessary to know how to backup and transfer data from one internal hard drive to another when Windows works or fails to work.

Part 2: Transfer Data from One Internal Hard Drive to Another when Windows Works

HDD is poor in shock resistance. So, HDD is easily to get damaged if we used in an unstable environment. So, please backup files inside the HDD regularly to prepare for unpredictable data disaster or HDD damage.
Tips Renee Becca has devoted itself to system migration and hard disk clone for years. Besides clone disk (including system inside)/partitions/folders, Renee Becca can help you migrate system to another disk. It also provides data backup and restore function for disk, partitions and folders.

1. Transfer Entire Hard Disk

Hard disk clone function in Renee Becca can help you clone entire disk to anther with system. New disk can boot computer after clone finishes.
Step 1: Download and install Renee Becca. Launch Renee Becca.
press to the download button
Step 2: Click “Clone” function and then go to “Hard Disk Clone”.
select hard disk clone function
Step 3: Set the target disk and the usage plan for the free space if the capacity of the target disk is larger than that of the original disk. And then click “Clone”.

Attention: All data in the target disk will be erased when we process the clone. So, please backup the data inside the target disk beforehand.

clone to disk with larger size
Step 4: Wait for the clone finish.
Please connect the new disk to computer after clone finish. And try to boot the computer from the new disk. You will find that not only the system but also all the partitions are cloned to the new disk.

2. Transfer Parts of Data inside the Hard Disk

If you just want to transfer parts of the important data to another disk, backup function in Renee Becca can also do you a favor.
Step 1: Launch Renee Becca. Click “Backup” and select “File Backup” inside.
file backup function (1)
Step 2: Select files you want to backup and select target place to save the backup. Click “Backup”.
backup files
However, we may encounter Windows fails to work before we create backup for important data. If so, how can we get back the important data? You can try Data Transfer function in Renee Passnow which is simple but effective.

Part 3: Transfer Data from One Internal Hard Drive to Another when Windows Fails to Work

More and more problems may occur in HDD over time. Sometimes we may encounter problems like system crash and Windows fails to boot. Although system reinstallation could help us solve these problems. But we need to transfer important data before we go through the system reinstallation. Here, Data Transfer function in Renee Passnow can help you, which can move data without booting Windows from one internal hard drive to another.
TipsRenee Passnow can also clone all files or partitions even disk to another without starting your Windows.

Besides, you can also transfer files or recover lost files from hard disk if system fails. It can help you remove Windows login password as well.

Step 1: Download and install Renee Passnow on any other workable computer.
The Windows computer you installed Renee Passnow need to be able to login and work normally (The Windows version of the computer you are using to create the new password reset disk does not matter.).
press to the download button
Step 2: Launch Renee Passnow. Create bootable media with USB/CD/DVD.
create bootable media with Renee Passnow
Step 3: Boot the target computer with the created bootable media.
Please hold a Hot key to enter the BIOS menu.Please click here to find how to change the boot order of your computer brand. Please make the create bootable media to be the first in the boot order. (Can not find your brand? Please refer to your PC manual to find out the method.)
change boot order in BIOS menu
Step 4: After loading into the main interface of Renee Passnow, please select “Data Transfer” function.
data transfer function in Renee Passnow
Step 5: Select the original disk and target disk. And drag the target files to the target disk directly.
run data transfer function in renee passnow