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WhatsApp is a messaging app where more and more people communicate with friends, send pictures, videos and documents. In this essay, we will talk about how to save WhatsApp pictures to SD card and how to effectively back up these pictures.

how to save whatsapp pictures to sd card

Part 1: How to Save WhatsApp Pictures to SD Card

If you are going to save WhatsApp pictures to the SD card, you should set the SD card as the storage position. Android users can go to [Advanced settings] > [Memory & storage] > [Default location] > [SD card]. These steps are simple although they are not identical among phone models.
change the default storage location to be sd card

1. Automatically Save Pictures / Videos

How to automatically save WhatsApp pictures? You need to accomplish these steps:
① In WhatsApp, go to [Settings] > [Data usage].
② Then, tap [Media Auto-download]. Select one of the options, [When using mobile data], [When connected on Wi-Fi] and [When roaming]. Then, check [Images] and the options and tap [OK]. After that, the pictures will be automatically saved to the SD card.
how to automatically save whatsapp pictures
Although this way is very convenient, it consumes a great amount of storage space. If you join many chat groups, lots of pictures will be saved to the SD card, including those you don’t want to. Each time you use the app, new pictures will be saved.

2. Manually Save Pictures / Videos

How to save WhatsApp pictures to SD card manually:

① In WhatsApp, open the content you wish to download to your phone.

② Tap on the download/save button at the bottom left and then the content will be added to the phone’s gallery automatically.
how to tap the download button to save whatsapp pictures

Part 2: How to Back up WhatsApp Pictures

Since the SD card is easily damaged, we should back up the SD card in fear that the pictures saved in WhatsApp are lost from the SD card. Hence, you should back up the SD card well.

Approach 1: Back up Pictures on PC

① Use a card reader to connect the SD card to your PC.
how to recover deleted pictures from the SD card when it is connected to pc
② Open the File Manager and double-click on the SD card.
double click on the sd card to open
③ Go to [the folder WhatsApp] > [Media] > [WhatsApp images]. Find out the target pictures and copy them to the disk on PC.
copy and paste images from the sd card

Approach 2: Use Renee Undeleter to Create SD Card Image

Image creation is a way to back up. It is a file type that collects many files into one. For example, if you create an image for the SD card, all files saved in the card will be packaged to be one file. Once these files are lost from the card, you can recover them from the image file.

Image creation in Renee Undeleter supports to create image files and back up the source files. When the SD card is damaged, or the data is lost, you can recover from the image files.

Renee Undeleter - Powerful Data Recovery SoftwareRenee Undeleter data Recovery software

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① Install and launch Renee Undeleter. Go to [Image Creation].

image creation function in renee undeleter
② Select a target partition and set where the image file will be saved. Then, click [Create].
click create to confirm the image disk
③ Finally, click [OK] to finish.
successfully create disk image in renee undeleter
TipsIf you run out of the SD card space and need to change a new card, here is the tutorial about how to effectively clone/copy SD card.