Best Solution to Protect PC from Wanna Cry

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Backup and update the backup regularly can protect from data lost but also from virus disaster like Wanna Cry attack. Entirely free backup and restore software - Renee Becca helps you back the important data automatically! Get it Now!

Wanna Cry, one of the terrible ransomware, has widely swept the whole world last week. Leaving nothing but damage and fear in its wake. Wanna Cry mainly attacks public service, government and commercial businesses. Once an organization becomes the victim of the attack, there are only 2 options: pay for the ransom or reinstall the system.
However, system reinstallation means we will lose all the data. But if we make enough preparation, there is no need to worry about any ransomware. The best preparation and solution to protect PC from ransomware like Wanna Cry is to make backup for PC and important data regularly. If your computer has got Wanna Cry attack, you can try to recover important from Wanna Cry.

Which Backup and Restore Software is the Right Choice?

Professional data backup software – Renee Becca is worth trying. Built-in advanced backup technologies help you protect your data in a better way.
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  • Entirely Free! No limitation!
  • Support making backup for disk, system, partition and folders.
  • Restore can be run under non-windows system.
  • Automatic backup plans are available for different backup target.
  • 5 different backup schemes are available which can help you save the space.
  • More humanized settings for automatic backup plans like shutdown the PC.
  • More useful functions like System Migration or Hard Drive Clone are available.

How to Make Backups to Prevent Wanna Cry Disaster?

Here we will make System Backup as demonstration.

Step 1: Launch the software, click “Backup” and then “System Backup”.

select backup object

Step 2: Select a destination to save the backup files in the pop up window.

select destination
Besides clicking “Backup” button directly, you can also set backup schedule, scheme (mode) and options.
other advanced settings

Step 3: Click “Turn On” in Schedule and make a plan of when to back up in Scheduler window.

set automatic backup schedule
After the scheduler set, Renee Becca can backup the same partition in the set time.

Step 4: Click the “System backup options” in the bottom of “System backup” window.

In Advanced Options, there lots of options like compress the backup files or not, shutdown computer after task finished and so on.
more backup plan setting

Step 5: Select the backup mode you want.

Various backup modes are provided in Renee Becca, like Incremental mode, Differential mode and so on. Detailed introduction will be released once you click the related backup mode.
select backup modes
Simple and easy-to-use! Automatic backup and update plans can help you protect your PC from Ransomware like Wanner Cry! Download the totally free Windows 10 backup and restore utility – Renee Becca now!
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