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When system fails or hard disk got corrupted, how can we transfer the existing data in the hard disk to a safe place before reinstalling system? Here are

Hard drive suddenly gets corrupted or can not be recognized by PC? Sometimes your disk can be damaged or just get corrupted due to various reasons. If it is an internal hard disk, it may become worse. Because we can not load into computer system to save or transfer any files and data. Besides, if users can not fix the disk to get system work, the only way to solve it is to reinstall system. However, this will erase all the data inside the disk or damage the corrupted data once again. So, is there any method which can help users to transfer existing files and data from the corrupted disk before reinstalling the system?
Yes! With built-in function Data Transfer in Renee Passnow, you can transfer any files and data from one internal corrupted disk to another even your Windows system can not run. Data Transfer in Renee Passnow will not limit the transferred file size and number.

How to Transfer Data from One Internal Drive to Another

Step 1: Download and install Renee Passnow on any other workable computer. 

The Windows computer you installed Renee Passnow need to be able to login and work normally (The Windows version of the computer you are using to create the new password reset disk does not matter.).
press to the download button

Step 2: Launch Renee Passnow. Create bootable media with USB/CD/DVD. 

Select one option from [Crate a Live USB] and [Create a Live CD]. Then, select [x64] or [x86] according to your computer. Next, click on [Download Now] to download the licensed ISO. Remember to activate the software beforehand. After that, click on [Create USB] to create the boot media.
use renee passnow to create usb to reset passnword

Step 3: Boot the target computer with the created bootable media.

Please hold a Hot key to enter the BIOS menu.Please click here to find how to change the boot order of your computer brand. Please make the create bootable media to be the first in the boot order. (Can not find your brand? Please refer to your PC manual to find out the method.)
change boot order in BIOS menu

Step 4: After loading into the main interface of Renee Passnow, please select “Data Transfer” function.

data transfer function in Renee Passnow

Step 5: Select the original disk and target disk. And drag the target files to the target disk directly. 

run data transfer function in renee passnow