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100% free Windows 10 disk cloning software - Renee Becca helps users clone disk with a few simple steps. Multiple plans enables you to clone disk to another with different size. Bootable after clone finish! Get detailed steps about the clone now!

What is Disk Clone

Disk Clone” means copy entire disk to another one with all data preserved including the system boot sector and boot information in the disk. You can use this “Clone” function to make a new disk which is exactly the same with the original one. Also you can use it for different purposes such as transferring the system or partition from the hard drive to another, create a disk for backup. Especially for Windows 10 users or those who updated to Windows 10 from other Windows editions, sometimes it is necessary to replace the HDD with a new one because the poor performance, hard disk aging or limited disk space.

Advantages of Disk Cloning

  • Free from aging or bad performed hard disk by changing to a newer and better hard drive.
  • Disk clone will transfer the system and data from one drive to another directly without making image. Save time!
  • There is no need to reinstall the operating system or software with the help of professional disk cloning software.
However, it is impossible to perform cloning without the help of a third-party tool especially for disk containing system. With professional Windows 10 Disk Cloning Software - Renee Becca, you can boot from the new disk with your original Windows 10 system and keep all data in the disk.

With Professional Disk Clone Software Renee Becca, you can

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  • Enjoy the software without any charge! No limitations on all functions.
  • Directly make the clone without creating image! Save time!
  • Boot from the new disk after 4 step clone process at once. All information required to boot the system will be cloned.
  • Make perfect clone for you no matter you want to clone disk to another disk with larger size, equal size or even smaller size.
  • Make auto-backup for system, partitions, folders and files with the 5 build-in backup modes.
Compatibles with: Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2012/2008/Server 2008
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How to Clone Disk with Free Windows 10 Disk Cloning Software

Preparation: Only full version of Renee Becca can make the target disk bootable after clone. If you do not activate Renee Becca, cloned disk can not boot the target computer normally. 

download software button win

Step 1: Launch Renee Becca. Connect target disk to computer. Go to “Clone” function and click “Hard Disk Clone/Clone System Disk”.
clone hard disk drive when ssd has not enough space
Step 2: Select the source HDD and the target disk.
Renee Becca will identify the original disk of your computer automatically. And connected external disk will be marked by symbol like “USB HDD”.
select target disk
Renee Becca will make the 4K alignment automatically for the new disk when cloning disk.
What is 4K alignment? Does it matter for the disk performance? Click here for it!
click more to check
Step 3: You can clone disk to another one with different size. Please choose anyone according to your need!
Clone to Larger Disk without Waste

You can check or compare the partitions size of different plans in Virtual View. After selecting the target plan, please click “Clone” to process the clone.

It is very common for users to replace the HDD with a larger one. With Renee Becca, you can make full use of the free space with the following 3 plans when cloning disk to another with larger size: add partition(s) with same size, extend original partitions size and keep original size.
clone to disk with larger size
What is the difference between 3 different plans? Here we will make example for you.
Size of the original HDD: 500 GB

Size of the target disk: 1 TB

 Following is the situation of the original HDD:

situation of original disk
Add partitions with same size

Free space will be divided into the new partition(s) you select to add in Renee Becca equally.

Example: Select “add 2 partitions”. After clone finish, new disk will become

add partitions with same size
Extend partitions size

All space of new disk will be allocated according to the scale of the partitions’ size in original disk.

After clone finish, new disk will become:

extend partition size
Keep original size

Clone the original partitions to new disk with the original size. Leave the free space to be unallocated. You can allocate the free space with Renee Becca after clone.

After clone finish, new disk will become:

keep original size
Clone to Disk with Same Size
If you clone disk to another with same size, please select the original disk, the target one and click “Clone”.
clone to disk with equal size
Clone to Disk with Smaller Size
No matter you want to clone entire HDD to a smaller SSD or HDD, this plan can help you solve the problem easily.

*If you just want to clone only system to SSD, please refer to migrate system to SSD for dsteps!

Before processing the clone…
Please make sure the size of the target disk is larger or equal to the total space you have used in the original HDD.
Make a full backup for both disks.
Renee Becca will make 4K alignment automatically when cloning disk to SSD, which can improve the performance of SSD.
Select the target disk and you can have a check of the size of partitions in SSD via Virtual View. After assure, just click “Clone”.
Renee Becca will first fulfill the used storage of each partition and then divide the rest of free space equally in according to the number of the partitions to each partition in new disk when cloning. Here, we can refer to the following example:
Original disk before clone…
Size of Source disk: 500 GB

Size of used space in total: 56.8 GB

We can get information of each partitions’ used space from the following chart.

situation of original disk
Disk with smaller size after clone…
Size of target disk: 120 GB

Free space in total: 62.4 GB

Conditions of 3 partitions after cloned:

*After allocating enough used space of each partition, the rest 62.4 GB will be divided in to 3 parts equally and add to each partition separately.

clone-entire-HDD-to-smaller-disk- after-clone
Step 4: Boot the computer with the new disk after clone.
You can try the following 2 plans to boot from the new disk:
Take off the original disk, connect the new one and boot from the new disk directly.
Change the boot order in BIOS and boot from new disk. (Do not know how to make it? Click here for more. )

* Please make sure the computer can boot from the new disk normally before formatting the original disk.

Besides cloning disk, Renee Becca also provides other useful functions like system migration, disk format/erase, disk backup and restore, system backup and restore. All these functions help you manage data and system in computer with a better way.