Windows 10 Password Reset Tool for Forgotten Password

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Forgot or lost password in Windows 10? No password reset disk? No problem! Follow the steps below, you can solve the forgotten password in minutes without effort!

Forgot Windows 10 password and do not have the password reset disk? Does it mean we need to reinstall the whole computer system? System reinstallation could be a disaster to most computer users. Because many important files and information are saved in the system. Reinstallation will erase all the data inside.

So is there any other methods to solve the forgotten Windows 10 password and preserve all data at the same time?

Of course you can. The following methods may work for the Windows 10 forgotten password:

Method 1: Reset Lost Windows with Administrator Password

It is recommended to create a password reset disk for the Windows local account in case we forget the login password. But most of time, you can not remember the password and do not have the password reset disk, what should you do at this moment? If you have another account which with the administrator privilege, it would be much easy to solve this problem.
All you need to do is logging in that account and reset the password for the target account in control panel.

Method 2: Remove the password with Windows 10 password reset tool

No password reset disk? No other account with administrator privilege? Then it is time to use Windows 10 password reset tool – Renee Passnow. Download the software and then follow the guide of How to Reset Windows 10 Password you can remove the password and preserve all the data at the same time.
  • Whole reset process just 4 simple steps! A few minutes is enough!
  • Do not need any professional knowledge!
  • Unlike other password reset tools, Renee Passnow remove the password directly without guessing.
  • Support to reset Windows 10 password as well as bypass password for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1/8/Vista/XP.
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