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Receive an error message “Password is incorrect” after entering the login password in safe mode of Windows 10. It could be resulted from typing a wrong password or putting in a PIN code. When you’re in safe mode, you are required to enter a traditional password of local account. If your password is incorrect, it is recommended to reset it as soon as possible. Here 2 useful solutions and detailed steps will be provided.

If there’s something wrong with the hard drive of your computer or get virus attack, the system will run abnormally. And then we need to sign in safe mode. When we’re about to be in safe mode, we’re required to enter a password. However, we just constantly receive the error messages that the password is incorrect. How to deal with this problem? Don’t worry. Let’s get more about Windows 10 safe mode at first.
press 4 to enable safe mode

What is Safe Mode?

Safe mode is a kind of special mode in Windows which is for fixing system. In safe mode, Windows can also be started without the third-party device drivers and load a few programs. In this way, users can quickly find out the problem in system and then repair it.

How to sign in Windows 10 safe mode?

1. Click Power button in Start menu. Press the Shift key and click on “Restart” at the same time.
2. Select “Troubleshoot” and then choose “Advanced options”.
3. Choose “Startup settings” in “Advanced optoins”. And then press “Restart”.

Now we can boot Windows 10 can successfully in safe mode. However, parts of users still receive the error message that the password is incorrect after entering the password. Did you ever meet the same problem? You can try to solve it by checking the following reasons one by one.

Reasons and Corresponding Solutions of Incorrect Password in Windows 10 Safe Mode

The password you typed in is incorrect.
Check Caps Lock and Num Lock

Please remember to check the state of “Caps Lock” and “Num Lock” key before you enter the password. When you need to type capital letters, just keep the “Caps Lock”on. If you need to type numbers, it’s suggested to enable “Num Lock” key at first.

The password you enter is a PIN code.
MS password
PIN code is convenient for users to quickly access Windows. But in Windows 10 safe mode, we have to enter Microsoft password.
The entered Microsoft password is incorrect.
Reset Microsoft password
You can reset your Microsoft password at Microsoft’s password reset website. Here will provide the step-by step instructions for you.

Solution #1:Update Microsoft Password at Microsoft’s Password Reset Website

Step 1: Open the Microsoft’s password reset website, fill in the required information and click on Next.

Recover Microsoft Account

Step 2: Choose authentication way and input required information. Click “Send code”.

verify identity

Step 3: Enter the code you receive and then click on “Next”.

enter security code

Step 4: Reset your password.

Reset Microsoft password
Generally, your Microsoft password will be successfully updated. Next, you can enter the new Microsoft password when you sign in safe mode. If this method still cannot immediately deal with your problem or you forget the login password, it’s suggested to use password reset tool Renee PassNow. It just takes 5 minutes to reset the password.

Solution #2: Use Professional Password Reset Tool – Renee PassNow

About Renee Passnow

  • Whole password reset process takes only 4 simple steps! Do not require related knowledge or possible password combinations.
  • Reset/remove the login password back to blank directly. Preserve all data inside!
  • For local account and administrator, Renee Passsnow will remove the password directly.
  • For Microsoft account, Renee Passnow will turn the Microsoft account into local one and reserve all data inside the account.

Compatible with: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP.

people has downloaded and reset the password successfully!

Here are detailed steps on how to reset login password with Renee PassNow.

Step 1: Download and install Renee PassNow in any workable Windows computer. 

press to the download button

Step 2: Choose creation method, USB or CD/DVD.

Select one option from [Crate a Live USB] and [Create a Live CD]. Then, select [x64] or [x86] according to your computer. Next, click on [Download Now] to download the licensed ISO. Remember to activate the software beforehand. After that, click on [Create USB] to create the boot media.
use renee passnow to create usb to reset passnword

Step 3: Boot the target PC from the created password reset USB/CD/DVD.

You will boot the target computer via a new created reset disk. Firstly, please hold a hot key to enter the BIOS menu and put CD-ROM or Removable Devices as the first choice. Please click here to know about how to change the boot order of your computer. After changing it successfully, please remember to save your setting and then restart your PC.

steps to change the boot order in BIOS

Step 4: Select “PassNow!”.

Reset password

Step 5: Choose target account and then click “Clear Password”.

You can also recover Microsoft account in Windows 10/8.1/8. That is, Renee PassNow will convert the Microsoft account to a local account and the data or files inside it will still exist.
After the software says that password is reset successfully, you can directly press “Enter” key to access Windows.

Clear password

Besides, you can also create a new administrator to quickly access your PC. Please click “Create new account”.

The created administrator account named “Reneelab” with administrator rights, and its default password is “123456789”. You are able to change the password of target account with this new created administrator.

Create new account

After applying the methods mentioned above, it’s believed that your computer will finally sign in safe mode and will not receive an error message. If you forget the password to access Windows, you can also use Renee PassNow to recover it. It just takes 5 minutes!