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How much space does Windows 10 take up in the system disk? This topic is followed by many people. In this essay, we will introduce how much space Windows 10 takes up in the hard disk, SSD and the space requirements of a system disk.

Part 1. How Much Space does Windows 10 Take up in Hard Disk and SSD?

1. How Much Space does Windows 10 Installation Take up?

Here are the minimum requirements for Windows 10 PC provided by Microsoft:

CPU: 1GHz or faster processor

Memory: 1GB (for 32-bit) or 2GB (for 64-bit)

Hard disk space: 16GB (for 32-bit system) or 20GB (for 64-bit system)

GPU: DirectX 9 or later versions with WDDM 1.0 driver

Display: 1024*600

Official Minimum Disk Space for Windows 10: 16GB (for 32-bit), 20GB (for 64-bit).

Official Recommended Disk Space for Windows 10: 20GB or more (for 32-bit), 40GB or more (for 64-bit).

2. How Much Space does Windows 10 System Update Take up?

How much space does Windows 10 System update take up? Some people may be doubtful about it for a long time. You usually receive the system update notices from Microsoft when you’ve installed Windows 10. The update type determines the update space it needs. For example, patches and service packs merely take up hundreds of megabytes. However, the important Windows 10 update, such as Windows 10 Spring Creators takes up much more space.
Take “Windows 10 update in April, 2018” which was named “Redstone 4″ as an example. This update pack is about 3GB, which is slightly different according to the users’ choices and their devices. Then 7-8GB setup program can be extracted from this downloaded pack. Therefore, you should prepare about 10GB free space for the update.
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3. Different System Disk Capacity for Different Users

How much the system disk should be prepared for in different situations? The followings are the recommended system disk capacity for Windows 10 PC which is used as set-top box, office routine (Office, Openoffice, WPS) and office routine+multi-media production (Office +PS+AE).

Recommended system disk space

Set Top Box 30G
Office routine 50G
Office routine + multi-media production 80~100G
Now, many people choose SSD as the system disk because it provides a better system performance than traditional hard disk does. If you want a better comptuer performance and faster startup time, you can transfer the system to SSD.

Part 2. How to Transfer Windows 10 to SSD

Now you may know the space distribution of the system disk according to Part 1. A well-performing system disk not only provide enough disk space but also a better data transimission speed. SSD is recommended to be the system disk.

How to transfer system to SSD?

Usually, most of us will install a whole new system to SSD. Then you will need to reinstall all necessary software, set the system configurations and transfer data from original disk after reinstalling the system. If you want to make it easier, a system transfer tool can help you skip these steps and save your time! Renee Becca is a smart choice!

Friendly reminderBeing a professional system migration and disk clone software, Renee Becca also supports to clone entire disks (including the system) to a new one. Also, users can clone the system to another partition with Renee Becca. More functions like data backup and restore can help you manage data in your hard disks, partitions and folders in a better way.

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① Install Renee Becca; select [System Redeploy] in [Clone] function.
select system redeploy function in clone
② Select target SSD as destination, and click [Redeploy]. And please wait for the system migration process.

1. The capacity of the SSD must be equal to or larger than the size of the system.
2. Once system migration processed, all data inside the SSD will be erased. Please backup the SSD if you have important data inside.

select target disk and desination in system redeploy function in renee becca
Friendly Reminder

You can use the old mechanical disk for storage when SSD has been the system disk. But you should modify the boot order at first. The meothods of changing the boot order differs from PC motherboards. It is suggested that you should follow the PC user manual to make it in BIOS, then save and reboot your PC.