Free Hard Drive Cloning Software

– Simply 3 steps

Have you ever met the following situations?

  • Plan to upgrade the old & small HDD to a newer and larger one, but had to stop the plan because the system and applications reinstallation could cause many troubles.
  • Want to transfer all data from one disk to another one. However, thinking of copying the folder one by one may cause a whole day.
  • Knowing upgrade system disk to SSD could improve the computer performance greatly but can not find a reliable software.
  • Desire to make a copy of all data to safeguard against computer corrupted or physically damaged hard drive.
Now, the free HDD cloning software – Renee Becca is your ideal tool. It provides corresponding functions like data backup, recovery and clone which does not require regular attention or convoluted tools. No matter you which function you choose, all of them are relatively uncomplicated affairs.
Download the free HDD cloning software and follow the guidance.
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3 steps to finish the HDD clone

Before clone: connect your new HDD to target PC which has not removed the old hard drive.

Step 1: Launch the software and Click “Clone” Button on the left hand.

Clone Function

Step 2: Click “Hard Disk Clone” and select the destination which you want to clone your system to.


It is not recommended to “Update disk Unique Identity”. Because once this choice is selected, the system you cloned to the new HDD could not be started.

select the target disk to clone in Renee Becca

Step 3: Click “Clone” to start the clone process.

Before using the new hard disk to launch your computer, please disconnect the original hard disk from your computer.

After clone finish, you may find that the disk has no free space. Don’t worry! Under such circumstance, please click “Tools” in Renee Becca. And click “Disk Manager” to select the target disk and click “Extend Volume” to get the free space.

Only 3 simple step, you can own a newer and larger HDD. Get it with the free hard drive cloning software – Renee Becca now!
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