How to Clone Hard Drive in Windows 7

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When we want to make a backup or copy for the hard drive in Windows 7, we may feel confused about the hidden partition in system. But with the clone function in Renee Becca, you can create the perfect backup for the hard disk with a few simple clicks and bootable immediately. Totally free!

Hard disk is the heart of our computer which contains the Operation system. Some people want to make a whole copy of the hard disk which can preserve the original system and all the data at the same time. Once the original one fails to work, you can use the copied one without waiting. With some tools, you can easily make a clone of  the whole disk with clone function which is the easiest way to make the backup for the hard disk as well.
clone hdd
When we meet the following situations, the clone function will do us a favor:
  • The hard disk got broken and need to change the whole one.
  • Want to copy all the data in the disk with an easy way.
  • Want to preserve the original system or even migrate it to SSD which can boot computer after clone finish.
  • Replace the disk with larger one or SSD to extend the life of your computer.
  • Hard disk is making strange sound which makes you feel it will fail to work.

HDD Clone Software Make Clone Easier in Windows 7

Although there are many good reasons to clone a hard drive, cloning a hard drive in Windows 7 is not so easy as you believe, because the Windows built-in Disk Management does not work on this issue. Therefore, considering a third party software like Renee Becca which contains clone function.
With Renee Becca, you can clone system/hard disk/partition/folder with a few simple clicks.

Besides, Renee Becca also provides data eraser which can erase all the data on the disk without trace. This function is very helpful for those who does not know computer much.

Let us make backup for your computer system or the HDD with clone function before we found the hard disk get broken suddenly. Besides, with the decreasing price of the HDD, creating a backup one is a good choice. Get the entirely free HDD clone software now!
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Clone Hard Disk in Windows 7 with A Few Clicks

Even you are computer beginner, you can easily make the hard disk clone with Renee Becca by yourself. We will introduce the easy hard drive clone method for you.
First, please download and install Renee Becca on your target computer which you want to clone hard disk for.

Operating system: Supports Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP

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Step 1: Launch Renee Becca. Select “Clone Function” and then please click “Disk Clone”.

Clone system to SSD

If you want to clone the system only, please click “System Migration”.

Step 2: Select the source HDD and the clone destination.

make the target disk bootable
  • If the HDD which you want to clone contains the system disk and want to boot from the new HDD, please select “Make target disk bootable”.
  • If the target HDD does not contain system disk, please do not check “Make target disk bootable”.

Clone to a Larger HDD without Waste

Want to copy the HDD to a larger one but do not know how to make use of the free space? With Renee Becca, you can easily make use of the space when processing clone.
You can allocate the free space before processing the clone:
more settings for hdd clone
1. Add partitions with same size
The size of the original partition will remain the same in the new cloned HDD. But the free space will be allocated to the new partition(s) you want equally.

Select add 2 new partitions.

Size of the original HDD: 200GB

Size of the new HDD: 300GB

After clone finish, the new HDD will become:

add new partition
2. Extend the partition size
The free space will be allocated according to the scale of the partitions’ size in the original disk automatically.

Size of the original HDD: 200GB

Size of the new HDD: 300GB

The scale of the partitions’ size: 3:2
Free 100GB will be allocated according to this scale.

After clone finish, the new HDD will become:

extend original disk
3. Maintain the original size:
Just clone the partitions to the new HDD but remain the same size as they were in the original HDD. Leave the free space to be unallocated one.

Size of the original HDD: 200GB

Size of the new HDD: 300GB

After clone finish, the new HDD will become:

preserve the original size
Want to make a backup for the HDD or just want to replace the HDD with a larger one in Windows 7? Clone function in Renee Becca can help you solve this with a few simple clicks. Let’s download Renee Becca and clone the HDD!
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