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Do not know how to create the password reset disk or how to use the created disk? Get more from the following! Detailed processes are provided.

Forgetting the login password can be one of the most annoying things in our daily life. But if we make enough preparation beforehand, there will be nothing to worry about! You can avoid this disaster by creating a password reset disk. Even you are using Windows 10!
  • The password reset disk only works with a local account (including Administrator)  in your Windows 10 PC. Not a Microsoft account. If the account you forget is a Microsoft account. It is OK. You can recover Microsoft Account Password for Windows 10.
  • The password reset disk need to create before you lost the login password. If you can not login the account, you can try the following methods to reset Windows 10 password with damaging data inside.

How to Create the Password Reset Disk?

Step 1: Plug your USB drive or insert any removable devices to target computer. Then search and click “User Account” in Start Menu.

create windows 10 password reset disk

Step 2: Select the target account and click “Create a password reset disk” in the pop up window then please click “Next” to continue.

click to create windows 10 password reset disk

Step 3: Select the target device on which you want to create the password reset disk.

click to create windows 10 password reset disk

Step 4: Enter the password for the current account and then you can process the create.

click to create windows 10 password reset disk
Do not lose this password reset disk you created, because anyone who hold it can get access to your account without effort. Put it in a safe place.
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How to Use the Password Reset Disk on Windows 10?

Forget your Windows login password? No problem. With the password reset disk, you can regain access to your account in a few simple steps.

Step 1: Plug your password reset disk to the computer and click “Reset password” under the target account. 

reset password with Windows 10 password reset disk

Step 2: Select the disk on which you create the password reset disk and click “Next”.

select password reset disk in pop up window

Step 3: Set the new password and password hint in the pop up window.

type new password for account
Now you can login the account in Windows 10 with the new set password! Remember that the password reset disk only works for the local account and administrator!
If you do not have the password reset disk, Windows will notify you to insert the disk again. At this moment, we can create the new password reset disk with Renee Passnow even you are locked out of your computer!

Click to get more about how to reset Windows 10 password without reset disk!

no password reset disk
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