Recover Microsoft Account Password in Windows 10

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Helps you recover lost, forgotten password of Microsoft account in Windows 10. No need any advanced measures. 100% safe!

Forgot your Microsoft account password in Windows 10 and locked yourself out the computer. At this moment, you can not switch back to the local account or the administrator if you do not enable them before. At this moment, you can solve this problem by resetting the Microsoft account password.
Before you start the reset process, please make sure the Caps Lock isn’t on. Because the password is case-sensitive. If you assure the password you entered is corrected, then you can go through the password reset process.
If you want to regain access to the computer in a short time, you can try to reset Windows 10 password.

How to Reset Microsoft Account Password in Windows 10?

Step 1: Please go to the Microsoft Account Password reset page and select the reason why you reset the password for.


Step 2: Enter the email address you need to reset password for. 


Step 3: Select the way you want to receive the security code. Two ways are available: mobile or email address which are associated with your target account.

What if I do not have the associated email or mobile phone?

Please click “I do not have any of these” and then you will be required to answer the security questions which you set before.


Step 4: Check and enter the security code in the email account or the cell phone you selected and then click next. 


Step 5: Set the new password for you Microsoft account.

set the new password for Microsoft account
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