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It is very common for us to upgrade the computer performance by moving computer system to SSD or clone the hard drive to a larger new HDD. It seems so attractive, right? But as we all know, Windows has preserved space which is invisible. And if just copy the system files but without the invisible part, your cloned system will not be boot. So how to clone the disk or system to a new one and make it boot normally become an important issue! Using the free hard drive cloning software – Renee Becca can free you from this problem. 3 steps for whole clone process. No need of professional knowledge.
hard drive clone

How to Use the Free Hard Drive Cloning Software?

Note before Clone:

Please make sure the new hard drive has the same or larger storage space when compared with the old hard drive.

Step 1: Launch the software and Click “Clone” Button on the left hand.
Clone Function
Step 2: Click “Hard Disk Clone” and select the destination which you want to clone your system to.

It is not recommended to “Update disk Unique Identity”. Because once this choice is selected, the system you cloned to the new HDD could not be started.

select the target disk to clone in Renee Becca
Step 3: Click “Clone” to start the clone process.

After clone finished, please shutdownn the computer, disconnect the source hard disk and connect the new hard disk. After booting successfully, connect the original hard disk and format the system partition. Besides, you can also change the boot order in BIOS.


After clone finish, you may find that the disk has no free space. Don’t worry! Under such circumstance, please click “Tools” in Renee Becca. And click “Disk Manager” to select the target disk and click “Extend Volume” to get the free space.

Download button - Windows
Besides “Hard Disk Clone” function, you can also use “System Redeploy” function to move OS to SSD.
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