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Discover two effective methods to recover data from a non-responsive laptop hard drive. Safeguard your valuable information even when your device fails to boot.

recover data from laptop hard drive

I. What are the methods for recovering data from a laptop hard disk that cannot be turned on?

For whatever reason your laptop isblue screen , black screen, etc.) and the device cannot be turned on normally. When you cannot enter the Windows system, you can use Renee Passnow to restore or transfer important data in the hard disk. The following is the specific operation method.

1. Use Renee Passnow to recover hard disk data

Rene.E Laboratory ™ system rescue software It is a professional system rescue software, which can help Windows users clear Windows account passwords, create new administrator accounts; restore disk/memory card data, recover data after hard disk formatting; transfer disk files; erase or scan disk files wait. In addition, this software also supports repairing Windows system problems, such as: repairing MBR boot records, DBR error parameters, 0xc00000e, Windows system startup failure, and some problems that cause black screen or blue screen, etc. As a system rescue tool with various functions, it is perfectly compatible with multiple systems including Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista, and can meet the system rescue needs of different users.
Renee PassNow – Professional Windows System Rescue Tool

Remove Windows Login Password 3 steps for whole password remove process.

Recover the files Recover the deleted files without Windows system.

Transfer the data Transfer the important files of the computer with system.

Fix Windows startup error Fix various Windows startup failures or crashes.

Erase disk Completely erase disk files which will not be restored.

Remove Windows Login Password 3 steps for whole password remove process.

Recover the files Recover the deleted files without Windows system.

Transfer the data Transfer the important files of the computer with system.

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Recover hard drive data with Renee Passnow is No need to enter Windows system Yes, let’s learn the detailed steps together.
Step 1: Download and install Renee Passnow on other computers that can log in and run normally, then connect the external U disk to the PC computer through the USB port, run Renee Passnow, and then check ( Create a rescue USB) option. (Note: Before performing this operation, please make sure that the important files in the U disk have been saved in other locations, because the operation process will delete all the data in the U disk.)
Renee Passnow interface
Step 2: Next, select (x64) or (x86) according to the system type, click the (Download Now) button to download the ISO file, click the (Create Rescue USB) button after the file is downloaded, and click the (Eject USB) button.
create boot disk
Step 3: Connect the created boot device to the computer that needs to transfer data, turn on the computer, and then the shortcut key to enter the BIOS will be displayed on the computer screen (the display time of this interface is very short, maybe only one or two seconds), click continuously BIOS shortcut key to enter the BIOS setting interface, in the BIOS (Boot) interface, set the USB device or CD-ROM drive as the preferred boot item, save and exit. Please refer to: How to enter BIOS and modify the boot order.
Note: If you create a rescue U disk, select (Removable Devices) as the first boot item, and if you create a rescue CD, select (CD-ROM Drive) as the first boot item.
select boot order
Step 4: Wait for a while, after Renee Passnow is loaded, select the (Undeleter) option and click the (Run) button. If you need to transfer the entire hard disk data, you can use the (Data Backup) or (Data Transfer) function in this interface.
restore data button
Step 5: Select (Partition Recovery) to scan the target hard disk.
Recovery Partition Options
Step 6: After the scan is complete, select the file to be recovered, click the (Recover) button to execute the recovery command, please save the file in another external disk, eject the U disk after the recovery is complete, and then repair the computer.
recovery interface
If you think the above method is more difficult, you can also Removing the Hard Drive from a Malfunctioning Laptop , and use the hard disk box to connect it to a computer that can start normally, and then perform the following data recovery operations.

2. Use Renee Undeleter to restore data in the hard disk

Renee Undeleter It is a software specially used to restore various data files. When you accidentally delete important files, empty the recycle bin, or format the disk/storage, you can use this tool to retrieve the lost data. The software covers four functional modules, including file recovery, format recovery, partition recovery and image creation. Therefore, it can help you solve all possible data loss problems that may occur during system use in an all-round way, which is very convenient.
Hot Topic - ADsRenee Undeleter – Simple & Powerful Software for Data Recovery

Easy to use Recover data by 3 steps;

Multiple scan modes Fast partition scan, whole partition scan and whole disk scan;

Supported file types Image, video, audio, text, email and so on;

Image creation Create a partition image to read and back up data;

Supported devices SD card, SDHC, SDXC, USB flash drive, hard disk and computer.

Easy to use Recover data by 3 steps;

Multiple scan modes Fast partition/whole partition/whole disk scan;

Supported devices SD card/USB/hard disk.

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Restoring data with Renee Undeleter is very simple, the specific steps are as follows:
Step 1: After connecting the hard disk that needs to restore data to other bootable computers through the hard disk box, download and install Renee Undeleter on the computer and run it, and select the (partition recovery) option in the main interface.
Note: Do not install on the disk that needs to restore data, so as not to cause data overwriting.
Select partition recovery option
Data recovery function introduction:
File Recovery – Quickly retrieve files lost due to accidental deletion or emptying the recycle bin.
Formatted Recovery – Quickly recover files lost due to inaccessible or formatted partitions.
Partition Recovery – Analyze and get partition information and perform a full scan of the entire partition.
Create Mirror – You can create a mirror image for a partition to back up the current partition state.

Step 2: Next, select the hard disk device to be scanned, and click (Next). Select (default setting) on the advanced setting interface.
Select target device for partition recovery
Step 3: Afterwards, the software will analyze the hard disk device. After the analysis, a prompt window of “select the partition you need to scan” may pop up. You can select the corresponding partition according to your needs. If you do not select, it will scan all the partitions and consume will be longer. After scanning, you can preview the files in the preview window on the right, then select the files you need to restore, and click the (Recover) button in the lower right corner to restore the selected files.
Partition recovery scan result presentation
Step 4: Next, select the target folder, click (Browse) to select another disk to save the recovered files, and then click the (Recover) button to start the file recovery command, you just need to wait patiently.
Partition recovery data recovery interface

II. How to avoid data loss in the hard disk?

Use data recovery software to recover lost data, which is an emergency measure. When the data is severely damaged, it cannot be recovered successfully. Therefore, you can refer to the following suggestions to avoid data loss when using your notebook on a daily basis.

1. Regularly back up hard disk data

Data backup is the best way to prevent hard drive data loss. Since the data stored on the hard disk may be suddenly lost due to various reasons, it is recommended to regularly back up the important data in the notebook hard disk to other external disks. please checkfile backup specific steps.

2. Use antivirus software to prevent virus infection

If the laptop is infected with a virus, the files in it may face the risk of loss and damage, so using anti-virus software is an important way to prevent data loss in the hard disk. However, it should be noted that you must update your antivirus software in time, otherwise it will affect its best use effect.

3. Put the notebook in a dry and dust-free environment

The hard disk is the most fragile part of the computer. When a lot of dust or moisture is sucked into the computer, it may cause the hard disk to fail. Therefore, it is recommended that whether you use the notebook or not, it is best to place it in a dry and dust-free place.