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Blues Screen (BSoD) is the error interface when Windows system crash or encounter errors. Blue screen means the occurance of serious system errors and the error codes on the blue screen can help users to figure out and fix the problem. Some common methods could do favors to help users to solve error. All will be introduced to you.

Part 1: List of Common Blue Screen Error Codes

For most Windows users, blue screen is familiar. Actually, blue screen is system crash and its name is from its blue background color. Blue screen means system is encountering a serious system error. Parts of these errors get a great impact to system operations while some can be fixed with simple steps. Error code on blue screen is an important part and it can do a great favor on solving the blue screen and fixing the computer. For professionals, error code is the reference of solving the blue screen. For common users, knowing the meaning of the error code can also help to take related solution to fix the computer. Following lists some common blue screen error codes and what they represent.
restart to recover system because PC appear the blue screen error codes

List of Common Blue Screen Error Code:

0xc0000001 – Incorrect function which means there is something wrong with the boot device or the boot files get damaged. Also if the boot sector fails, this error code will pop up.

0xc0000004 – System fails to open files.

0xc0000007 – Controller of storage got damaged.

0xc0000009 – The address of the storage controller is invalid.

0xc000000A – Environment configurations are incorrect.

0xc000000D – Generally, it is caused by driver software which is with something wrong. Besides, some defective flash memory, software like antivirus software and backup software will also lead to this error.

0xc000000F – System failed to find the boot disk, which could be lead by the unset boot information or misconfigured BCD boot files.

0xc000014C – System can not boot BCD file or the system files got damaged.

0xc0000019 – Disk drive failed to find target sector or tracks in the disk.

0xc000001A – Can not get access to specific disk.

0xc000001B – Disk drive failed to find the required sector.

0xc000001E – System can not get access to specific device.

0xc0000021 – Part of the files is locked which lead to access failure.

0xc0000034 – Caused by the repeated internet name or the Bootmgr\BCD file in active partition got damaged when the Bootmgr configured the BCD file.

0xc0000053 – INT24 failed.

0xc0000054 – Storage device to process this command fails to work.

0xc0000098 – Writing to disk got error, power outage, boot sector got virus infections and manually misconfigured BCD could lead to this error. Besides, if users clone disk with defective software which will not correct the boot information will get user to encounter this error as well.

Part 2: How to Deal with Blue Screen Error

Most of the blue screen errors happen occasionally when running system. We can solve these errors with simple steps.

Check the Connection of Hardware

Loose connections of hard disk, flash memory are the main reasons for most blue screen error code. It is recommended to have a check of the connection of hard disk and flash memory. For hard disk, please check the IDE/SATA cable connection. For hard disk with PCIe interface, please check whether the hard disk is seated correctly to related PCIe slot.

Besides, please have a check of the flash memory connection as well. Please remove stain with eraser from the connector of flash memory if necessary. After cleaning, reseat it.

Finally, please try to disconnect all external memory devices like USB disk, external CD ROM, etc from computer and then restart the computer for repair.

too much hardware

Fix Blue Screen Eroor with CHKDSK

Specially designed for detecting and fixing disk error, bad sectors, etc, CHKDSK could help users to fix the blue screen errors caused by disk error.
1. Go to “Start” menu and type in “cmd” in the search box.
search cmd to open command prompt
2. Then right-click “Command Prompt” in the result and choose “Run as administrator” from the menu.
run command prompt as administrator in start menu
3. Enter “chkdsk C: /F” in the command prompt window and press “Enter”. Press “y” to restart the computer and process disk C scanning when Command Prompt window pop up the confirmation. Then CHKDSK will scan your hard disk and try to recover errors in hard disk.
enter chkdsk c f in command prompt
Attention: This command requires administrator privilege. If you are not administrator, please connect with the administrator or create one with recommended third party software – Renee Passnow.

Create Administrator Account with Renee Passnow

1. Download and install Renee Passnow on another workable computer. Then please connect USB disk or CD to computer.
press to the download button
2. Open Renee Passnow. Select one option from [Crate a Live USB] and [Create a Live CD]. Then, select [x64] or [x86] according to your computer. Next, click on [Download Now] to download the licensed ISO. Remember to activate the software beforehand. After that, click on [Create USB] to create the boot media.
use renee passnow to create usb to reset passnword
3. Connect the rescue disk to target computer and try to boot the computer from the disk after changing the boot order in BIOS.
steps to change the boot order in BIOS
4. Please select “Passnow!” function after booting from the rescue disk.
main menu of Renee Passnow
5. Select your system and click “Create new account”. Click “OK” and the new administrator will be created. The new created administrator account will with the user name of Renee and password of 123456789.
successfully create new account

Run Anti-virus Software in Safe Mode

Sometimes, blue screen error codes could be caused by the damaged virus infected file. It is recommended to scan whole disk with antivirus software under safe mode.
close antivirus software to fix the blue screen error codes

Steps when Windows can boot normally

Step 1: Please install reliable antivirus software like Mcafee and Avira on computer before getting access to safe mode. After installation, please go to “Start” menu and restart the computer by holding “Shift” button.
hold down shft key and click to restart
Step 2: After restart, you will get into safe mode. Please click “Troubleshoot”.
select troubleshoot in windows safe mode
Step 3: Go to “Advanced options”.
select advanced options in safe mode
Step 4: Please click “Startup settings”.
select startup settings in advanced options
Step 5: Click “Restart”.
clcik to restart PC in startup settings
Step 6: You will get into startup setting menu. Please press “4” to enable safe mode.
press 4 to enable safe mode
Step 7: If Safe Mode is shown on the 4 corners of the desktop after getting into system, safe mode is activated successfully. Please find the antivirus software you have installed. Scan the disk and remove the virus in safe mode.
fix the error that thw windows user proile failed the logon in safe mode
Step 8: Of course, you can also go to ”Apps and features” and uninstall suspicious software which was installed recently to solve blue screen error.
windows applications sorted by installation date

When Windows 10 Fails to Boot

When your Windows can not boot, you can get access to safe mode with steps below.
Step 1: Restart computer for 2 times. If Windows 10 still can not load the configurations, you will get access to Windows RE (Recovery Environment).
Step 2: Please go through steps above to get into safe mode.
Step 3: Besides, users need to download the antivirus software on another workable computer and then install the software to USB disk. Finally, connect the USB disk to target computer and scan the disk.

Rebuild Boot File BCD

Parts of blue screen error like 0xc000000f and 0xc0000098 can be fixed by rebuilding boot sector and boot BCD file. Please refer to “How to rebuild Windows 10 boot files” for details.

Transfer Important Data with Renee Passnow

If the above methods can not help you solve the blue screen error, you may need to fix it by reinstalling Windows system. But you may lost important data on the system disk if you did not sav the data. If you want to get such files when system fails to boot, Data transfer function in Renee Passnow could do you a favor.
How to Transfer Important Data with Data Transfer Function in Renee Passnow:
Step 1: Download and install Renee Passnow in another workable computer. Then please connect a USB disk or CD/DVD to create a rescue disk by clicking “Create USB”.
create usb in Renee Passnow
Step 2: Connect the created rescue disk to target computer and then start the computer. Make the rescue disk to be the 1st boot order in BIOS. Save the settings and exit.
steps to change the boot order in BIOS
Step 3: Select “Data Transfer” after Renee Passnow loading.
data transfer function in Renee Passnow
Step 4: Transfer target data to another partition or disk from the corrupted system disk.
run data transfer function in renee passnow