4 Steps Remove Forgotten Windows 8.1 Password

Losing or forgetting Windows 8.1 login password is not an unusual things nowadays. But you may want to know how to remove the forgotten Windows 8 password because there are some important data inside the computer. Most people do not have idea about how to remove the password for Windows 8.1. We will introduce some effective methods.
 Method 1: Check whether the Caps Lock is on when entering the password and your password is correct.
 Method 2: In case your keyboard has been configured to support multiple languages, check whether you are using the correct language.
 Method 3: If your device is offline, please sign in the last password used on this device.
 Method 4: Reinstall the system.
 Method 1: Check whether the Caps Lock is on when entering the password and whether your password is correct.
 Method 2: Try the Password Reset Disk if you have created before.
 Method 3: Reset the password with administrator or other accounts which are enabled with the administrator privilege.
 Method 1: Reinstall the system.

How to Remove Forgotten Windows 8.1 Password with 4 Steps

If you have tried the listed method and still not work, you can use Renee Passnow to regain access to your Windows in 5 minutes!
For local account and administrator, Renee Passnow will directly remove the password and the reset process will not damage the data inside the account.
For Microsoft account, Renee Passnow will turn the Microsoft account into local account and preserve all the data inside the account, help you regain access to your account with 4 simple clicks.

How to Remove Windows 8.1 Password with Renee Passnow

Preparation: Download and install Renee Passnow.


Step 1: Plug in a USB drive or CD into your computer and then click “Create USB/CD”.

Tips: Select one option from [Crate a Live USB] and [Create a Live CD]. Then, select [x64] or [x86] according to your computer. Next, click on [Download Now] to download the licensed ISO. Remember to activate the software beforehand. After that, click on [Create USB] to create the boot media. Please backup your data inside the USB drive in advanced. Because creating the bootable USB will erase all data inside the USB.

use renee passnow to create usb to reset passnword

Step 2: Boot your target PC and Change the boot order in BIOS.

First Insert the live USB/CD in your PC, Secondly, Change the boot order of the target PC in BIOS. If the optical drive is not first in the boot order, your PC will start “normally” (i.e. boot from your hard drive) and will not check your disc drive.
After successfully changing the boot order, please save the BIOS and reboot your PC.
You must reboot the target PC and hold a Hot key to Enter the BIOS menu. Please click here to find how to change the boot order of your computer brand.(Cannot find your brand? Please refer to your PC manual to find out the method.)
Boot your target PC

Step 3: Reset Windows Login Password.

Enter the program and select the “Passnow” function.
password reset
Step 4: Select the target account then click “Clear Password” to reset its login password. 
Restart your PC and enjoy the fun.
Sometimes, the Administrator account may not be displayed. In this case, you must click the extend button to display it, then, you can login the system.
reset the password for selected account
Also, you can click “Create new account” to make a new administrator to solve this problem with Renee Passnow.
start to create the account
No matter the computer you are using is Windows XP, Vista,7, 8, 8.1or even the newest Windows 10, Renee Passnow can help you easily reset the login password for both local account and administrator. If you are using Microsoft account to login your computer, Renee Passnow can also help you regain access to computer in 5 minutes by changing the Microsoft account into a local account. Simply 4 steps and no data lost! Download and have a try now!
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