Windows Password Cracking Software

It is very common that we forgot the new set Windows password or after a long time of no-use. You can easily crack the login password with some Windows password cracking software. To get access to your account data again, you can take advantage of built-in Windows 7 features, some third-party Windows password cracking software or even re-install Windows which may cause a fortune of money and you will lost all your data. Here it will rounds up all the said methods in details.

Method 1: Windows Password Reset Disk

A password reset disk could be very useful if you forget or lose the Windows password. But the password reset disk should be prepared in advanced. For more about how to create the reset disk, please click the following link:

If you do not have the password reset disk which is made beforehand, you may try the following methods.

Method 2: Other Windows Accounts

Besides password reset disk, you can also reset the login password with the other accounts which have administrator privilege.

Method 3: Re-install Windows System

In fact, we do not recommend this method. Because you need to purchase a new system which may cause a lot of money. In the other hand, once you choose re-installation, you will lost all data inside the account and the re-installation is time consuming.

Method 4: With Windows Password Cracking Software

The following password cracking software are designed to help you bypass your forgotten or lost windows password in a short time. No need of any professional knowledge, you can get access to your account within 5 minutes. Not like any other windows password cracking software, Renee Passnow will not keep guessing your windows password which may take hours, but remove your password directly and keep all the data inside your account.

Renee Passnow

No need of any professional knowledge. You can get access to your Windows account within 5 minutes with 4 simple steps.  Renee Passnow will not damage or destroy any of your data inside your account. Quick and reliable.

Now, it supports resetting password for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, 2008! And can help you regain access to your computer even you forgot the login password for Microsoft account by changing the Microsoft account into a local account and preserve all the data inside. 


Windows Password Cleaner from Dr. Freeware

Magic PassNow! is a safe password reset tool for you to reset lost or forgotten Windows local account (user/administrator) password. With the friendly interface, you can easily burn a bootable USB flash drive to reset your lost Windows local account password, and enter into your PC instantly.

Magic PassNow!

Blank the password of windows user
New! Now, You can reset “Administrator” account. You do not need to know the old password to blank the password.

Support Windows NT/2k/XP/Vista
Windows Password Cleaner will try to find all the windows installation in your computer automatically. Windows Product info will be displayed.

reset Windows password with Renee Passnow
No need to worry about losing your Windows password anymore! The said Windows password cracking software can help you regain your account in about 5 minutes. Simple and quick!
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