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It is not easy to select useful clone software. In this essay, we will recommend the clone software and show you how to clone from HDD to SSD.

how to use ssd clone software

Part 1: What is Hard Disk Clone Software?

You can use the clone software to copy the data from the original hard drive to SSD and the other drives. The clone software can help users avoid data loss, complicated operations and the other problems.
The clone software can copy data from HDD to SSD. That can speed up the computer. Next, we will introduce pieces of clone software and show you how to use them to clone from HDD to SSD.

Part 2: Useful Clone Software

1. Renee Becca

Renee Becca is the software specializing in backing up and restoring system/drive data, such as programs, system configuration, emails, photos, videos, documents and bookmarks. With the application of the incremental/differential backup technology, it can save time and disk space. Besides, it can back up partition, disk, folder and clone disk.
Hard disk clone/clone system disk: Copy everything from the source hard disk to the target one
Partition clone: Copy everything from the source partition to the target one
System redeploy: Redeploy your system to another hard disk
Renee Becca - Reliable Data Backup & Restore Software

Quick Backup files at up to 3,000MB/min.

Fullfill different backup needs Supports system backup, disk / partition backup, file backup and disk clone.

Intelligent Automatically analyze the differences between source and backup data.

Convenient Support VSS, allowing to freely view webpages when backing up system.

Highly compatible Supports various files and storage devices.

Quick Backup files at up to 3,000MB/min.

Fullfill different backup needs Backup for disk, partition and system. Save disk space by backing up incremental /differential data.

Highly compatible Supports various files and storage devices.

Free TrialFree Trial 2000 users have downloaded and enjoy Renee Becca!
TipsIf you want to transfer all of the data from the old hard disk to the new one, you can use the function hard disk clone. It is noted that the target hard disk should be larger than the source one. This process is time consuming. But if you merely want to transfer the system to SSD, you can follow the below steps.
How to clone the system to SSD with Renee Becca?
It is convenient to clone the system to SSD with Renee Becca. Here are the steps.
Step 1: Download and install Renee Becca. Then, open the software and select [Clone] – [System Redeploy].
clone windows 10 to ssd with Renee becca
Step 2: Please select the original disk which saves Windows system and the target disk. Then click [Redeploy] to process the system migration.

Note: You should replace the solid state disk with a larger one. When the data is transferred to the new SSD, all data will be emptied. Please back up data beforehand.

select a destination to redeploy system with renee becca
Step 3: Click on [OK] as the process is finished. Then, you should set the new disk as the first boot order in BIOS and get into the system. Click here to learn about how to change the boot order in BIOS.
back up system with renee becca
  • The interface is clear.
  • It offers various modes of data backup.
  • It offers 3 ways to clone data.
  • It can transfer the system to the target hard disk completely.
  • It can set the partition size before cloning data to the new hard drive.


  • It merely supports Windows.

2. Symantec Ghost

Symantec Ghost, or Ghost, is the tool used to back up hard disk, developed by Symantec, an American company. Ghost can make FAT16/FAT32/NTFS/OS2 partition and back up hard drive. It can quickly clone the source hard drive and recover to the target one. Besides, it can create a complete partition image easily.
Symantec Ghost ssd clone software
  • The interface is clear.
  • It can back up data and clone hard disk.


  • It is too complicated to use for new users.
  • Its update stopped in 2013. It may not run stably, or it is not compatible with the system.

3. Clonezilla

Clonezilla is a partition and disk imaging/cloning program based on Ubuntu and Debian. It supports many file systems, such as EXT2, EXT3, EXT4, BTRFS and XFS. Both MBR and GPT partition formats of hard drive are supported. This free software supports Windows and Linux.
use ssd clone software clonezilla
  • The software is light and quick to run.
  • It supports Windows and Linux.


  • The interface is very complicated.

4. Macrium Reflect

Macrium Reflect is the popular hard drive cloning software offered to people (free) and companies. Besides, it can create disk image and back up data. 30-day free trial is provided.
This software can help you create the system backup and the system image. In the paid version, you can even encrypt the backup files. The file systems, such as FAT 12/16/32, exFAT, NTFS, HFS + and ReFS, are supported. Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7 / Vista / XP and Linux can use this software.
use ssd clone software Macrium Reflect
  • It can be used in multiple systems.
  • It can back up and clone data.
  • It can encrypt the backup files.


  • It is not friendly to beginners.

5. EaseUS Disk CopyPro

EaseUS Disk CopyPro is the professional software which can clone SSD/HDD data to the other hard disks. Besides, it can clone programs and partitions, but also adjust the partition size.
use ssd clone software EaseUS Disk CopyPro
  • It can clone/back up hard disk.
  • It can adjust the partition size.


  • It merely supports Windows.