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Do not know about the difference between HDD and SSD? Find out more about them here.

Some users want SSD with a quick and safe computer performance while some prefer HDD with cheap and large storage memory. What is the different between them and which one is suitable for you? Let’s have a comparison between HDD and SSD.

Price & Capacity

Although the price of SSD has dropped down a lot, it is still more expensive than HDD’s. The cost of 1TB HDD is around $40 to $50. However, a 250GB SSD will cost $80 to $100. This means you pay double money but get 1/4 capacity. The large capacity you want, the more money you need to pay, which may push you over budget.


This is what SSD is proud of. Without reading/writing head. Platters, magnetic surface, spinner and other complex moving parts, SSD can read and write data instantly or near instantly. A computer which is equipped with SSD boots in less than a minute. Also in daily use, the SSD-equipped computer will launch and run apps faster and transfer data faster.


No movement parts make SSD silent when reading and writing data. This is another advantage of SSD when comparing with traditional hard disk.


SSD does not need electricity to spin when reading or writing data. In other words, SSD does not consumed so many energy like HDD does. If you are a laptop users, this will help you work out longer time of battery life.


This is another worthy advantage of SSD especially for laptop. SSD has no moving parts which means it will not afraid of shake. You can keep your data safe even you drop your computer or shake your PC.


SSD has a limited write cycle. The flash memory inside can only be used for a certain number of writes. Normally, the life of SSD is enough to last with the lifespan of a computer.


If you want to improve the computer system performance preserving the original system, you can replace HDD with SSD and migrate system to SSD at the same time. Then you can make the original HDD to be an external storage device. This can balance the performance and storage.
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