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SSD can improve the performance of our computer. But what is the correct maintenance and how to extend its life? We can find some suggestions here.

SSD is gradually taking the guide place of HDD with a dropping price and better performance. Some users migrate system to SSD and replace HDD. Some buy a new computer with SSD. However, parts of new SSD users come from HDD world. For them, how to maintain SSD could be a totally strange area. If you think the SSD maintenance is similar to HDD, then you may make your SSD’s early death.
ssd maintanence
In fact, SSD maintenance is quite different from that of HDD. SSD does not have moving parts like HDD, which make it get access to the data that users want in a short time and lead to the different maintenance.

How to Maintain SSD in Daily Use

Upgrade SSD Firmware before Start

Being the soul of SSD, firmware sends instruction to controller and work as and interface between your computer hardware and the drive. This piece of code will influence the performance of SSD. Upgrading the firmware can take advantage of advanced algorithm which can help to extend the life of SSD.

Select a Compatible System

From Windows 7, Windows start to support SSD and 4K alignment, etc. In other words, if you want to get the best performance of SSD, please install Windows 7 or above system.

Do not USE Defrag

Defrag can solve the slow performance of HDD, but it does not work for SSD at all. Defrag will make it rewrite lots of data, which may shorten the life of SSD. Don’t believe in any software that claims can defrag SSD and make it better.

Do not Fill SSD Up

The more data you save in SSD, the poorer performance the SSD will be. If one partition in SSD are filled up with 90% of data, then it will crash easily. So, it is necessary to clear up the SSD and save some fresh memory once the partitions memory has reach 75% mark. Besides, large size of files like movies and music should be save in HDD if possible.

Turn off Superfetch

Please turn off Superfetch and similar optimization software as well as settings which are designed for HDD. The excellent speed of SSD makes such settings and software useless.

Use Trim Command when Necessary

Trim command can help you improve the performance of SSD with the increasing data by erasing all storage cells filled with unnecessary or useless data.
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