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Recently, CCleaner malware outbreak is much worse than it initially appear. Getting more about the malware here and find solution.

On September 18, 2017, two versions of CCleaner was found to contain malware. They are version v5.33.6162 and version Ccleaner Cloud v1.07.3191. More than 2 million users has download the versions and affected by this malware. Now this has been much serous than we thought before. Actually, CCleaner has been hacked and stashed malware in it. If you install one of these two version, your files could be recovered by the hackers. If you install CCleaner on your computer, it is strongly recommended that you check the version of the program you have install and update to the latest version if possible.
However, we could not make sure whether the lastest version will suffer from the next attack. In order to prevent attack from malware, we could use Renee Passnow to erase the data on your disk which can prevent others even hackers recover data from your disk. Besides, if your computer is infected, you can format the disk to solve this problem at the beginning.

Software which Can Erase Disk/Partition without Trace

Renee Passnow offers a 100% free convenient disk or partition erase function. You can erase all the data on the disk or partition without entering Windows system and free from recovery.
Approved by McAfee and Norton, Renee Passnow will only analyze and erase the disk or partition you choose.

A few minutes is enough to make the whole erase process. All data will be formatted from the disk/partition without trace.

User friendly
Just 4 simple steps, you can finish the process.

Besides erase hard disk, Renee Passnow can also clone disk and create password reset disk for you.

How to Erase Disk/Partition with Renee Passnow

Step 1: Install the program, and create a live USB/CD.

Select one option from [Crate a Live USB] and [Create a Live CD]. Then, select [x64] or [x86] according to your computer. Next, click on [Download Now] to download the licensed ISO. Remember to activate the software beforehand. After that, click on [Create USB] to create the boot media.
use renee passnow to create usb to reset passnword

Step 2: Connect the reset disk to your target computer and start it. Enter BIOS and make the computer boot from the live CD/USB you made.

First Insert the live USB/CD in your PC. Secondly, change the boot order of the target PC in BIOS. If the optical drive is not first in the boot order, your PC will start “normally” (i.e. boot from your hard drive) and will not check your password reset disk.
After successfully changing the boot order, please save the BIOS and reboot your PC.
Please click here to find how to change the boot order of your computer brand.(Cannot find your brand? Please refer to your PC manual to find out the method.)
Boot your target PC

Step 3: Select “Drive Eraser” Function after loading into Renee Passnow.

main menu of Renee Passnow

Step 4: Select the disk or partition and the erase method. Then click “Erase”.

Step 3: Select the drive you want to erase.
The data eraser process is permanent. Be absolutely sure you want to erase the drive before doing so. Back-up any important data on other devices, such as CD or DVD-ROMs. After erasing your hard disk, it will be impossible to recover your data.