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Make the automatic backup plans for Windows 10 system with 5 different backup modes. Save time and disk space!

How can you recover from a dead hard drive or SSD with a convenience and easy method? Or when Windows system get in a mess, how to solve it? Of course reinstalling Windows can solve all the problems. However, you need to reinstall all your software and reconfigure everything at the same time.
But if you have create a backup recently, you can get everything back in position with a few minutes by restoring the backup. Now in Windows 10,with Renee Becca, you can make automatic system backup with different backup modes and humanized settings which can free you from make the backup manual work and save your disk space. If you have not upgrade to Windows 10, you can refer to the system backup of Windows 7.

What does System Backup do?

System backup copies everything in your system disk including system files, software, settings and the boot sector. It is the only way to backup Windows installation properly.  When system gets crash,  you can save your time by restoring without reinstalling everything.

5 Different Backup Modes Provided in Renee Becca

Version Chain Mode Saves every 5 recent backup files after one full backup (Backup the differences after the first full backup). Single Version Mode Keeps only 1 full mode and will delete the last full version after new backup file finished. Full Mode Support make settings of old backup version clean up rules. Incremental Mode Backup the incremental files/data after the full backup. Differential Mode  Create differences of files/data after the full backup.

How to Backup Windows 10 System with Renee Becca

Step 1: Launch the software, click “Backup” and then “System Backup”.

select backup object

Step 2: Select a destination to save the backup files in the pop up window.

select destination
Besides clicking “Backup” button directly, you can also set backup schedule, scheme (mode) and options.
other advanced settings

Step 3: Click “Turn On” in Schedule and make a plan of when to back up in Scheduler window.

set automatic backup schedule
After the scheduler set, Renee Becca can backup the same partition in the set time.

Step 4: Click the “System backup options” in the bottom of “System backup” window.

In Advanced Options, there lots of options like compress the backup files or not, shutdown computer after task finished and so on.
more backup plan setting

Step 5: Select the backup mode you want.

Various backup modes are provided in Renee Becca, like Incremental mode, Differential mode and so on. Detailed introduction will be released once you click the related backup mode.
select backup modes
5 different backup modes are available when you set up automatic backup plans for system and other data. Download and try the free backup function now!
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