How to Restore System Backup by Renee Becca

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Detailed steps about how to restore the backup system to original system disk without Windows.

As we all known, a little changes to the system files in Windows will lead to the system crash and can not fixed. Also, sometime we install software which is not compatible with the system will also make it crash. But if we make enough preparation like backup Windows regularly with professional data backup software – Renee Becca, we won’t be panic once the system crash. So, how to restore the system backed up by Renee Becca?
You may want to restore the backup system to the original system disk directly in Renee Becca. However, you can not find out the system disk in the list of target disk.
restore backup system to original disk-1
Unlike restoring partition(not system disk) or folder, you need to restore the system under non-system environment if you want to make it to original system disk. At this moment, you need the Rescue CD created with Renee Becca.

How to Restore the backed up System/ Hard Disk with Rescue CD

With Rescue CD, you can restore the backed up system under non-system environment.

Step 1: Launch Renee Becca. Then please go to “Rescue CD” in Task tab.

select rescue CD function

Step 2: Select the type of the rescue CD you need according to your needs.

(Support creating Rescue CD with CD/DVD & USB)
types of rescue CD

Step 3: Connect the Rescue CD to your target computer and boot the computer from the Rescue CD.

  • Please change the boot order in BIOS.
  • If you store the backup files in external memory device, please connect the device to your computer before booting from Rescue CD.
BIOS menu

Step 4: Please select the target backup version and the target disk you want to restore to. Then please click “Restore” to process it.

  • If you the restore you want to make is the system, please check the item “Make the target system disk bootable(System disk only)” manually.
  • If Renee Becca does not detect the target backup files in the list, please click “Manual Load ” button on the top-right.
recover system from backup files
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