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Easy steps about how to clone partition with free clone software - Renee Becca! No need of any professional knowledge!

Hard disk, one of the most important parts of the computer, saves system, important data in different partitions. Partitions, like other storage devices, may experience situations like data lost, broken, accidentally format or get virus infection. Of course you can find back the lost files with data recovery software, but it not work for all the cases.

In fact, you are able to make a backup or clone for the partition which saves important data to prevent from such data lost disaster. Similar to disk clone, partition clone is also an effective way to help us to save important data.

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Why Do You Need to Clone Partition?

It is very common for us to make clone for hard disk, partitions or even folders. Most of users want to make the clone which can also be called to be copy due to insufficient disk space, get higher efficiency or just want to make a backup.

In many cases, users may make the partition clone by using simplest way copy & paste which is not a safe way and is time-consuming. Obviously, clone is a better choice than copy & paste.

Besides, with the entirely free clone software, you can clone the partition with 3 simple clicks. Why choose the time consuming and annoying copy and paste?

Preparation before Cloning Partition

Besides the computer and the partition you want to make clone for, you need to prepare:

A hard drive or an other partition
It is better to use a hard disk or a partition with a capacity greater than that of the original partition.

Clone software- Renee Becca
Renee Becca allows you to clone whole data from one partition to another without creating an image. Besides partition clone, Renee Becca also supports hard disk clone (system included) and to migrate system to SSD.

Since computer’s sleep will cause the computer to power off. Please turn it off by following steps in Control Panel:
GO to System and Security > Power Option > Change when the computer sleeps (On the left side) > Please select Never in Put the computer to sleep

How to Clone Partition?

Step 1: Download and install Renee Becca. Then please launch Renee Becca.

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Step 2: Go to Clone function and then Partition Clone.

If the space of the destination disk is larger than the source one, you can check “Extend partition to use all the free space in Destination.” to free the space.
select partition clone function

Step 3: Select the target partition and the destination. At last please click “Clone”.

select destination


  • If the space of the destination disk is larger than the source one, you can check “Extend partition to use all the free space in Destination.” to free the space.
  • Once you click “Clone”, all data on the target partition or destination hard drive will be erased. It will be impossible to retrieve the data from this destination.
  • If the partition you want to clone is a system disk, please click here to know more system migration.
  • If you want to make backup for the new disk, you can get more about the best free backup software.
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