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Are you upset for the Code 43 error: Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems? Now, you can quickly solve the problem via the following solutions.

Part 1. Reason for Code 43

Code 43, referred to the error “Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems”, is one of the errors in Device Manager. It can occur if the device hardware fails or the driver program fails.

There is an exclamation mark against the faulty device in Device Manager. You can find Code 43 in [Device status] by double-clicking the icon like the figure below:

code 43
It must says: “Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems (Code 43)”.
If you want to fix this error, please follow the solutions below.

Part 2. Solutions for Code 43

Here are 6 solutions to Code 43. You can try them one by one.

Solution 1: Restart PC

This solution can solve the temporary hardware problems because the driver program can be reloaded in the next startup.

If Code 43 occurs again, it is proved that it not a temporary hardware problem. Then, you can try solution 2.

Solution 2: Remove Device and Connect Again

If it is an external device, such as printer, bluetooth adapter or webcam, you can remove the device and connect again.

The following situations may occur because of the insufficient power supply.

Situation 1: When you plug in the removable memory device, notification that USB device not recognized will pop up; or it can be recognized at first but stopped soon, then the same error notification appears.
usb ports are not working
Situation 2: Without any notification, the USB icon disappears from the task bar.
usb connetion logo disappear
Situation 3: Without any notification, the drive letter of the removable memory device (i.e. E:) disappears from [This PC] after an appearance suddenly.
Here are 3 methods for the insufficient USB power supply.
a. Connect the device to a blue USB port with thunderbolt
usb port with flash sign
The thunderbolt symbol means that electric current can continuously pass through the port after shutdown. What’s more, the port can provide stronger power output (the maximum supply could reach 500mA in a common USB port while it is 1000mA in a thunderbolt USB port.)

Generally speaking, a 2.5-inch mechanical hard disk at 500G needs 500mA power ; a 2.5-inch one at 1T needs 700mA.

That is to say, 1000mA is sufficient for such USB device.

However, the 3.5-inch removable memory device is not included because it needs external power supply.

b. Use USB Y cable to strengthen power supply
If there is no thunderbolt USB port in your computer or laptop and no extra power supply component, you should buy the USB Y cable, like the figure below:
dual usb
There are three interfaces, two of which connects with the computer. The major interface is responsible for connection and data transmission and another is for extra power supply.
usb y cable explain
Notice: Check whetherthe USB cable is compatible with the target removable memory device.
c. Modify system configuration to strengthen power supply
Step 1: Press [Win+R].
press the keys win+r
Step 2: Input [devmgmt.msc] in the pop-up window.
open device manager
Step 3: Click the down arrow to expand [Universal Serial Bus Controllers] > [USB Root Hub].
find usb root hub
Step 4: Right-click the [USB Root Hub] option and select [Properties].
select properties of USB root hub
Step 5: In the [Power Management] tab, uncheck [Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power]. Then click [OK] and restart your computer.
power management USB hub
If the above methods don’t work to solve your problem, you can follow the next solution.

Solution 3: Delete Other USB Devices

If you connect one or more USB devices to the computer, you can try to unplug these devices and restart your computer.

Some devices are not compatible with each other, so Windows will stop these devices.

Solution 4: Reinstall Driver Software for USB Devices

In Device Manger, you may notice that one of the devices is against an exclamation mark, named [Unknown Device]. At such situation, you need to reinstall the driver software.
Step 1: Press [Win +R].
press the keys win+r
Step 2: Input [devmgmt.msc] and press [Enter].
open device manager
Step 3: Double-click the target device icon. Then in the following screen, select the [Driver] tab.
select property and driver tab
Step 4: Click [Uninstall Device].
check to uninstall usb driver
Step 5: Click [Uninstall]. The Device Manager will be reloaded automatically after the uninstallation and the target device won’t appear in the list any more.
click to uninstall usb driver
Step 6: Select [Actions] > [Scan for hardware changes]. Then related USB device will be shown again in the list.
scan for hardware changes
Step 7: Double-click the target device and check it in the [General] tab. If it works, you can see [This device is working properly] in [Device status].
usb device work properly
Basically, this solution always works. If any, it is recommended to try to update driver software in solution 5.

Solution 5: Update Driver Software

Updating the driver software may help you solve the problem if the above solutions fail.
Step 1: Press [Win + R].
press the keys win+r
Step 2: In the following screen, input [devmgmt.msc].
open device manager
Step 3: In Device Manager, right-click the target device, then select [Update Driver Software].
update driver software for unknow usb device
In this process, Windows will check to update driver software for this device. Ii will be downloaded and installed if any new driver software is found. If any, please view theofficial website of the manufacturers to find the new driver software.

Solution 6: Repair with Windows 10 Troubleshoot

Step 1: Click the [Start] icon, then click the gear icon to enter [Settings].
go to settings in start menu
Step 2: Select [Update & security] > [Troubleshoot].
troubleshoot in windows settings
Step 3: Select the target device and click [Run the troubleshooter]. It can run automatically and repair the program.
hardware and device troubleshoot