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When we need to install Windows 10, we can make use of Windows 10 Installation Media. Here, method of creating Windows 10 installation USB disk will be introduced here.

Getting Windows 10 Installation Media

We need to download the installation media from official site of Microsoft before we install Windows 10 from USB. After download, the creation tool will get the latest Windows 10 installation file from official site for users.

Download link of Windows 10 creation tool:

After getting to the page, please click [Download tool now] to get the media creation tool ( MediaCreationTool.exe). Users need to download the installation image and update the software when creating the Windows 10 installation disk, so users need to connect to the Internet for whole process.

windows media creation tool

Create Windows 10 Installation USB Disk with Installation Media

It is required to download some content when creating the USB disk, so we need to keep the computer connecting to the Internet. Besides, please make sure the capacity of the USB disk is larger than or equal to 8GB.

It is recommended to use the blank USB disk because all content in the disk will be erased. After that please connect the USB disk to computer and start to create the installation disk.

Step 1: This is the first screen user will see when we launch the media creation. Please click [Accept] after checking the agreement.
media creation tool license
Step 2: To create the installation disk, please select [Create installation media for another PC] and then click [Next].
create media Windows 10
Step 3: We can select the language, edition and architecture for Windows 10 in the following steps. In default, please select [Use the recommended options for this PC]. If you need to install Windows 10 on different computers with this installation disk, please select [Both] in the [Architecture] option. Generally, new computers are adapted to 64-bit.
media creation tool select architecture
Step 4: Select the target in which you want to install the system image. Here, we need to select [USB flash drive] because we will make the USB disk to be the installation disk. Please make sure the capacity of the USB disk is equal to or larger than 8GB.
select media type
Step 5: Please connect the prepared USB disk to computer and then click [Next].

(Attention: This step will erase all data inside the USB disk which will be formatted to be FAT32. Please backup data inside the USB disk if necessary.)

refresh the USB list
Step 6: Then it will start to download and verify Windows 10 image. Besides, it will format the USB disk and save new data to the disk. The duration of whole process will be depended on the hardware and the Internet.
downloading windows 10 iso
Step 7: When this process is over, you will receive the notification that [Your USB flash drive is ready] which means that the creation of your Windows 10 USB installation disk is finished.
USB flash drive ready

Install Windows 10 from USB Installation Disk

Step 1: Please connect the Windows 10 USB installation disk to target computer.
connect usb to laptop
Step 2: Please restart the computer. If the computer is not boot from USB installation disk automatically, you need to make it boot from USB disk manually in BIOS or UEFI.

If you need to get access to the boot menu or change the boot order, you need to press related buttons which will be different on the basis of computer motherboard. It could be F2, F12, Delete or ESC.

boot computer from usb bios
Step 3: Please select [Language to install], [Time and currency format] and [Keyboard or input method] in the installation page of Windows. Then click [Next] and wait for Windows 10 installation.
how to reinstall windows10 boot install screen

(Optional) Create Backup for Windows 10 System to Keep the Best Performance

After installing Windows 10, Windows will get the best performance because there is no garbage. It is recommended to create a backup for the new installed system. We can get the system back which works normally when it fails to work. Renee Becca is worth to try if you want to create backup for Windows 10.

Features of Renee Becca:

  • Efficient Backup which can reach 3000MB/min
  • Provide multiple backup schemes like incremental/differential backup
  • Support create backup for and restore hard disk, partitions folders and files.
Renee Becca will find out the different parts between the original backup files and new target files. Then only backup the different part to save disk space and your precious time. Besides, you can also backup partition, disk and files as well as clone disk, which can fulfill all your needs.

download button win5

How to Backup System with Renee Becca
Step 1: Launch Renee Becca and get into the main interface.
open Renee Becca in PC
Step 2: Go to the [System Backup] function in [Backup].
select system backup function
Step 3: Select the target place to save the backup files and select desired backup scheme.
start to backup
5 Different Backup Schemes are available in Renee Becca:
Version chain mode: Only reserve latest 5 full backups and will delete the previous version automatically.
Single version mode: Only reserve the latest version and delete last backup file automatically.
Full mode: Create full backup
Incremental mode: Only create incremental part after creating the first full backup file.
Differential mode: Only create differential part after creating the first full backup file.
set the specific backup schemes
System Backup Options provide more functions to users. For example, you can turn on the [Schedule] to enable the auto backup scheme.
turn on backup schedule in Renee Becca
set the backup scheduler in Renee Becca
Step 4: Click [Backup] after setting. After finishing backup, we can create backup or recovery after system backup finish. It is convenience to restore the system.
restore the backup