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It is so common that we may encounter computer won’t turn on or show anything after we pressing the power button. Here we may want to find out the reasons and related solutions. Here we will go thorough them one by one.

There are lots of reasons could lead to computer fails to boot. Of course, these reasons could be various. Here, we will listed the possible reasons and related solution to help you solve the problem.
black screen when boot up


Computer won’t Turn On and Shows No Sign of Power

Here are reasons and solutions when computer won’t turn on:

1. Poor Connection

Sometimes, computer failing start and showing no sign of power could be caused by the improper power cord or data cable connection. If the connection is not correct or loose, please reconnect it.

check power cable connection

2. Bad Power Adapter

If all connections are in good status, it could be the problem of the power adapter. Such as damaged power adapter, insufficient power supply could also lead to black screen. First, we need to have a check of the power adapter. We can connect the computer to another power adapter. If it works well after replacing the power adapter, we can confirm the start up failure is caused by the power adapter.

check the power adapter

3. The Problem of the Motherboard

If connections and the power adapter work well, the start up failure could be caused by the motherboard. Here, we should have a check of the cable connection between the motherboard and the other components as well as the power supply button. If it still does not work after checking and fixing, please replace or repair the motherboard.

hardware connection

Computer won’t Turn On but with Powers Lights On

Here are reasons and solutions when computer won’t turn on while power lights will be on:

1. Something Wrong with the Monitor

Loosely connected monitor could also lead to black screen or no display after computer starting up. Besides, poor connection between monitor and computer could also lead to this problem. Firstly, we should have a check of the monitor power light. If the power light is off, please try to press the monitor power button.

check the connection between monitor and pc
If the monitor does not show anything, we need to check the monitor and its power adapter. If the light of the power adapter is on but the monitor does not show anything, we need to connect another monitor to computer.
power button of monitor

2. Something Wrong with the Hardware in Computer

f there is something wrong with the hardware in computer, users may encounter the startup failure as well. Here, if we can make sure the startup failure is not caused by the monitor, we’d better to have a check of the motherboard, RAM and video card. Besides, insufficient power supply could also lead to black screen. If it is the problem of the power supply, replacing the power adapter could solve this problem.

enough power supply
Then we need to verify the connection between computer and hardware to see whether they are loose or damaged. We could take off the RAM stick and video card and clean them. After that, reseat them. If all connection are fine but still won’t startup, we need to replace or check the working status of the hardware like memory card and video card one by one.
clean memory connectors with eraser
If the methods mentioned above can not solve the startup failure, we can have a look at the motherboard. Take it out and remove foreign materials from the slots. Remove the oxide layer on the connector. And check the cable connection between motherboard and button. We can also try to replace the motherboard if possible. After going thorough all these process, please try to restart the computer.
change the mother board
Tips: Before we taking these process, we’d better to turn off the computer and remove power cable from it. If you are not professional at computer hardware, please ask for help.

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