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It is very common that we may encounter black screen when using Windows 7. How to solve it? Detailed solutions will be provide below. Follow them step by step!

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Possible Reasons Lead to Windows 7 Black Screen After Startup

It is common that users may encounter black screen after computer startup and login. But what are the reasons which could lead to black screen?

1. Connection of the data cable.
2. Poor connection between PC and the hardware. Or hardware get damaged.
3. Problem of the monitor
4. Mess up in Registry Editor
5. New installed software lead to the black screen
6. Incorrect settings in system or monitor

windows 7 black screen

How to Fix the Black Screen after Windows 7 Startup or Login

Method 1: Check the Connection between Hardware and PC

Please check the connection of the power cable of monitor as well as the monitor and the video card. Then please have a check of the connection of other hardware.
hardware connection
Besides, please move the mouse or press the keyboard to check the status of the monitor. Black screen sometimes could be caused by the “Power saver” plan you have set.

Method 2: Reset Winsock in Safe Mode

Incorrect settings of Winsock protocol in computer could lead to Internet connection failure or black screen. Here, we need to solve this problem with netsh winsock reset to reset the Winsock. As a result, we can solve the Internet connection failure and black screen.
Step 1: Restart computer and press F8 when it boots. Select Safe Mode in Start up Settings.
press F8 to enable safemode
Step 2: Press “Win” + “R” button and then enter “cmd” in the pop up window. Then click “OK”.
press win and r to run cmd
Step 3: Enter “netsh winsock reset catalog” and press “Enter” until receiving the notification “Restart computer to finish the reset”. Then please restart the computer.
netsh winsock reset catalog
Sometimes new installed software could also lead to black screen in Windows 7. Please think of the software you have installed before you encounter black screen. Then you can uninstall the software in safe mode. If you can not figure out the software, you can disable the auto-run of third party software.
Step 1: After getting access to the safe mode, please press “Win” + “R” and enter “msconfig” in the pop up window. Then click “OK”.
search msconfig on windows
Step 2: Choose “Selective startup” then please do not check “Load startup items” in “General” tab of the pop up window.
disable selective startup
Step 3: Go to “Service” tab and check “Hide all Microsoft services” and then click “Disable all”.
hide all Microsoft service
Step 4: Go to “Startup” tab and deactivate the programs you do not want load in setup procedure. And click “OK” to save all settings.
msconfig startup
Step 5: Restart your computer.

Method 3: Solve with Task Manager

explorer.exe is the Task Manager we use. If we end explorer.exe in Task manager, task bar, desktop and all opened files will disappear. And it could also lead to black screen after login.

Step 1: Press “Ctrl” + “Alt” + “Del” at the same time. Choose “File” on the top-left corner and then select “New task (Run…)”.

create new task in task manager
Step 2: Enter “explorer.exe” in the pop up window and click “OK”.
create new task

Method 4: Update the Video Card Driver

Unstable video card driver could lead to monitor black screen and other abnormal behaviors. Here we can solve these problem by updating the video card driver. Here is how it goes.
Step 1: Launch “Device Management” and click “Display adapters”.
update video card
Step 2: Right click the video card and select “Update Driver Software”.
Step 3: Restart your computer after update finish. 

Method 5: Check the Registry

If the Shell value get modified or Registry get wrong, users may encounter black screen or system failure. We need to check and fix the Registry to solve this problem.
Step 1: Restart computer and press “F8” to get access to safe mode.
press F8 to enable safemode
Step 2: Press “Win” + “R”. Then enter “regedit” in the pop up window and click “OK” to get into Registry Editor.
enter regedit in run
Step 3: Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon and find Shell in the right side.
Here, the Shell value should be explorer.exe. If not, please double-click or right-click Shell and enter “exeplorer.exe” in Value item and click “OK”.
Step 4: Exit Registry Editor and restart computer.
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press to the download button

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use renee passnow to create usb to reset passnword

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change boot order in BIOS menu

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data recovery function in Renee Passnow

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run data transfer function in renee passnow