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Many users complain that their USB flash drives and the other devices cannot be recognized and the status of the properties is shown as data transfer error 0xc0000719 after they have updated the operating system to Windows 10. In this essay, we will talk about how to remove this error.

Part 1: Why Data Transfer Error Appears?

Many new Windows 10 users complain that some devices cannot be recognized, such as USB flash drives, monitors and Bluetooth devices. When they check the device properties in Device Manager, the status is shown as the data transfer error “0xc0000719”.
windows data transfer error oxc0000719
The followings are possible reasons:

① The Windows system files have been corrupted, so the devices cannot be recognized;

② The driver is incompatible with the operating system;

③ The driver has been corrupted.

Next, we will put forward some methods to solve these problems.

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Part 2: How to Remove Data Transfer Error

Method 1: Check System Files

If the system files have been corrupted, you can follow these steps to fix them.
① Search [cmd] in Windows. Then, right-click at the search result [Command Prompt] and select [Run as administrator].
run command prompt as administrator in start menu
② In the window, type [sfc/scannow] and press Enter to run this command.
sfc command in windows
③ It will take 15 to 45 minutes to scan the system. If any error is found in this process, the system will fix automatically.
Check and fix system files Windows 10
④ Reboot the computer and check whether the device can be recognized.

Method 2: Update Chipset Drivers

If the Windows chipset drivers are outdated, the computer or the some parts will be faulty, and then the computer will have no capacity to recognize external devices. It is suggested that you log in the official web pages of the chipset suppliers and check whether the drivers should be updated.

Method 3: Uninstall and Reinstall Drivers

Perhaps, the data transfer error is caused by the corrupted or incompatible drivers. It is not suggested that you update the drivers through the third-party software because the software can lead the device fail to be recognized.

① Right-click at the Start menu and select [Device Manager].

right click at start menu and select device manager
② Locate at the target device. Right-click at it and select [Uninstall device].
uninstall SD Device to fix data transfer error
③ Reboot the computer. During this process, the operating system will reinstall the driver. Finally, check whether the device can be recognized.

Method 4: Try Other USB Ports

You can try other USB ports if the data transfer error appears on the USB flash drive. If this method doesn’t work, you continue to try the method 3.

If the above methods cannot solve the problems, you can try to get a new environment by reinstalling the operating system. But, before this step, please back up well your files. We recommend you try Renee Becca which can offer fast backup and recovery.

Part 3: How to Back up before Reinstalling Operating System?


① Download and install Renee Becca.

press to the download button
② Launch the software and go to the tab [Backup].

System Backup: Back up Windows system.

Disk/Partition Backup: Backup a hard disk r partition.

File Backup: Backup files or folders.

In this case, we talk about how to use [File Backup].

three functions in renee becca backup
③ Select one or more target files. Then, set the output destination and the name of the backup file. Finally, click [Backup] to back up them.
how to back up files in renee becca

Note: If reinstalling the operating system is still unable to solve the data transfer error, you have to downgrade to Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or stop using this computer.