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Generally, when the computers and the smart phones run slowly, or before selling them, you will factory reset them. How to do for different kinds of devices? In the essay, we will offer you the details on how to factory reset PCs and mobile phones.

Part 1: How to Factory Reset PC

1. Back up Files

Resetting a device is to return it to the most pristine state. It can solve many device problems. Yet, you should back up all important files that you don’t want to lose beforehand. Or, they will be erased in the factory reset process.
How to back up Windows OS

If you want to get all-round, reliable backups, Renee Becca fits you. This professional software can back up personal documents but also the operating system, including system information, user information, installed applications, system settings and the other data. The latest version can back up Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP. If you want to know more about how Renee Becca works, here is the backup tutorial.

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main interface of renee becca
How to back up Mac OS

Time Machine is the built-in function in Mac OS. It can back up applications, music, photos and system files. Before factory resetting Mac OS, you can refer to “how to back up Mac OS with Time Machine” and try to follow the steps.

After backing up files, you can follow the next pat to factory reset Windows7/10 and Mac OS.

2. Factory Reset Windows7

System recovery in Window7 can facilitate you to recover the system files to the earlier recovery points. Then, the system can return to normal without any data defects. It is noted that the laptop users should supply power to your laptops.
① Reboot or boot the computer. When the boot screen appears, press F8 to enter [Advanced Boot Options]. Then select [Safe Mode with Command Prompt].
select to boot safe mode with command prompt
② Type and press Enter to run [rstrui.exe].
type rstrui exe to factory restore windows 7
③ In [System Recovery Options], follow the wizard to factory reset Windows7.

3. Factory Reset Windows10

Windows 10 can be restored to factory settings. Users can select to delete parts of personal files, applications and drivers. Before factory resetting the PC, you must back up all important files and laptop users should supply power to your laptops.
① Press [Win + I] to open [Windows Settings]. Then, select [Update & Security].
select update and security in windows settings
② At the left sidebar, select [Recovery]. Then, click [Get started] under [Reset this PC].
Reset to format PC or nec laptop in Windows 10
③ If you have backed up important files, you can select [Remove everything].
select remove everything in windows 10
④ Select which drive you want to wipe. If you want to keep the data beyond the primary drive with Windows, select [Only the drive where Windows is installed].
Reset Windows 10 and clear drives
⑤ Select [Just remove my files] or [Remove files and clean the drive] by yourself.
remove files and clean the drives
⑥ Click [Reset] to reset the PC.
Ready to reset Windows 10

4. Factory Reset Mac OS

The following steps fit Mac Pro, iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. Before factory resetting the device, the laptop users should supply power to your laptops and connect with WIFI.
① Reboot MacBook. When it powers back on, press [command + R] to enter Recovery Mode.
press command and r
② In macOS Utilities, click [Disk Utility] > [Continue].
macOS disk utility
③ Select your startup disk and click the tab [Erase]. Then, select [Mac OS Extended (Journaled)] in the [Format] menu. After that, click [Erase]. Wait until the process is finished.

Tips: If you never rename for the startup disk, the default name is Macintosh HD.

wipe a Mac
④ When it is gone, go to [Disk Utility] menu at the top and click [Quit Disk Utility].
quit disk utility on mac
⑤ Having returned to the macOS Utility window, select [Reinstall macOS] and click [Continue]. Follow the instructions to reinstall the MacBook.

Note: Before the reinstallation, please connect your MacBook with WIFI. The system will be downloaded later.

reinstall to factory reset macos

Part 2: How to Factory Reset Mobile Phone

Besides factory resetting the computers, we can also fix damages on mobile phones by factory resetting. Yet, it is suggested that you transfer important information to the computer beforehand. iPhone users can even back up with iTunes. After that, you can follow these steps to factory reset you mobile phone.

1. Factory Reset Android Phone

Many Android phones, like Samsung, HUAWEI, Xiaomi, Sony and HTC, are designed with the similar ways to factory resetting. Next, we take Samsung as an example.

① Go to [Settings] > [Backup and reset].
go to backup and reset in samsung settings
② Tap [Factory data reset].
tap to factory data reset samsung
③ Finally, tap [Reset phone].
the last step to factory reset phone

2. Factory Reset iPhone

This method is suitable for all iPhone series. Though the iOS systems are not identical, the process is similar. Next, we take iOS 12 as an example.
① Click [Settings] > [General].
go to iphone general
② Tap [Reset].
reset iphone in general menu
③ Select [Erase All Contents and Settings]. If your data has been backed up well, tap [Erase Now].
clear all contents and settings in iphone

3. How if Data is lost from Mobile Phone

How if the data is lost in the process of factory resetting? It is suggested that you use Renee Android Recovery or Renee iPhone Recovery to retrieve the data. Both of them support over 100 file types, such as pictures, videos, contacts, messages and memo. Only by clicks can you retrieve all data lost from the mobile phone! If you want to know how to do, here are two articles for you:

Renee Android Recovery - Windows
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