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Usually, we clear data on a SD card by performing quick format. Yet, the data can be recoverable if it is not overwritten. So, how to clear data on a SD card completely and irreversibly?

how to clear data on a sd card

Differences between Formatting and Clearing Data on A SD Card

If we want to clear all data on a SD card, we usually perform quick format on the card. Yet, this way can only remove the file allocation table and cheat the operating system that there is no data on the SD card. In fact, the data is never cleared. In this situation, we can use a data recovery application to recover the data.
Low-level formatting, also known as zero-filling, can modify each readable block to be “0”. This process will completely wipe a SD card and return it to the pristine state.
Therefore, how to irrecoverably clear data on a SD card? A professional low-formatting tool works. Once a SD card goes through low-level formatting, the SD card will be erased completely, unable to be recovered any more.

How to Clear Data on A SD Card with Renee Becca

Renee Becca is a professional, reliable application for data backup. It is designed with many functions, such as backup, recovery, clone and erase. Users can use it to permanently clear data on the disks/partitions/SD cards.
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Quick Back up files at up to 3,000MB/min.

Overall Support system backup, disk/partition backup, file backup and disk clone.

Intelligent Automatically analyze the data differences between the source files and the backup files and save disk space by backing up incremental/differential data.

Convenient Support VSS, allowing to freely view web pages during the backup of the operating system.

Highly compatible Support various files and storage devices.

Quick Back up at up to 3,000MB/min

Overall System/partition/disk backup

Incremental/differential technology Save disk space

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① Download and install Renee Becca.
② Open the application and connect the target SD card to the computer.
how to recover deleted pictures from the SD card when it is connected to pc
③ Click the tab [Tools]. Then, select [Disk/Partition Eraser].
press partition eraser in renee undeleter
④ As you go into the new window, you can freely select the target SD card in [Erase Partition] or [Erase Disk]. Click at [Clean] to continue.
confiure and select which disk should be erased in renee undeleter
⑤ You will be notified that all data on the selected disk will be erased irreversibly. Please click [OK] to go on.
how to confirm to clear all data on a sd card in renee undeleter
⑥ Wait for the process. Finally, a new window will pop up to tell you the process is successful. Click [OK] to end up.
completely clear sd card in renee undeleter
Some people are curious about how to verify that the data has been cleared on a SD card. Renee Undeleter can help you get the answer.
TipsRenee Undeleter is professional, utility in data recovery. This software, designed with three scan modes (fast partition scan, whole partition scan and whole disk scan), performs well in deleted and formatted (quick format) SD cards/disks/USB flash drives. It can not only recover many file types but also support to preview the scan results. In Renee Undeleter, users can quickly find out the target files and obtain various services of data recovery.
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① Open Renee Undelter and then select [Whole Partition Scan].
select whole partition scan in renee undeleter
② Select the target SD card and click [Next] to go on.
select the target drive to scan in renee undeleter
③ Wait for scanning. If you performed quick format for the SD card, the data can be scanned and recovered.
scan and preview files to recover
④ If you have cleared the SD card data with the tool [Disk/Partition Eraser] in Renee Becca, none of data can be scanned or recovered.
no file can be scanned in renee undeleter