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How to choose the partition table for a new disk? In the essay, we will tell you the differences between MBR and GPT and tell you how to transfer the Windows system perfectly to the new disk.

What is MBR or GPT?

Both of MBR and GPT are partition tables used for Windows system startup. You need to select the partition table when the system is installed in the uninitialized disk beforehand. Since a partition structure defines how information is structured on the partition, do you know the differences between these two partition tables?
intialize disk and choose suitable partition table


MBR (Master Boot Record) is the special boot sector at the very beginning of the disk. The MBR holds the information about the logical partitions and the boot loader containing the installed operating system, where Windows startup will function from a piece of executable code. If the MBR boot information is damaged, the Windows system cannot be started normally. Basically, the mainboard BIOS will get started, then BIOS will execute MBR loading, and the Windows will finally boot from MBR. This is basic process during booting from the MBR-partitioned disk. However, since MBR has been introduced for long time, it seems outdated that it only works with disks up to 2 TB in size. Otherwise, the larger disks cannot be recognized. MBR also only supports up to 4 primary partitions.


GPT is another partition table, more advanced than MBR. It stands form GUID Partition Table which is applicable to the modern technology and is gradually replacing MBR. Obviously, GPT breaks the MBR limits, able to work with the disks over 2 TB. GPT also allows an unlimited number of partitions. Unlike MBR, the partitioning and boot data isn’t stored in one place in a GPT disk, so it is much reliable for data security.


To install the operating system, you need to initialize the disk, but you may feel confused which partition table should be chosen. The followings are some simple suggestions:

1. If your disk is over 2 TB, GPT will be better because you can utilize all disk space.

2. If your mainboard is new and it supports UEFI, GPT can be your choice.

3. If your old mainboard is using the old BIOS system, MBR will be better because the old BIOS don’t support GPT partition volumes.

How to Set Disk Partition Table

When installing the Windows system in a new disk, you can use command lines to set the partition table, as described below:
1. In such Windows setup screen, press the keys [Shift + F10] to enter Command Prompt.
how to reinstall windows10 boot install screen
2.Type [diskpart] and press the Enter key to start Diskpart Prompt.
3. Type [list disk] and press the Enter key. It will display a list of disks in the PC.
type list disk in diskpart to initialize disk
4. Type [select disk + disk number] and press the Enter key.
type select disk in diskpart to initialize the disk
5. Type [clean] and press the Enter key. Note that all partitions and volumes will be removed from the disk.
type clean disk in diskpart to initialize disk
6. Type [convert gpt] or [convert mbr]. It will convert the empty disk into the target partition style.
type convert gpt in diskpart

How to Transfer System Perfectly?

When you’ve initialized the new disk and set the partition style, you can transfer the system from the old disk to the new one. Renee Becca is for recommendation if you want to transfer the system and clone the complete data. It seems that much software can also transfer data but they cannot clone the system startup information, which means you need to reinstall the system. Favorably, regardless of MBR or GPT, Renee Becca can perfectly transfer the system with the boot data, so the system can get started normally in the new disk.

What is Renee Becca?

Renee Becca is professional clone software. It can clone hard disk and data in all partitions but also transfer the system to the new disk. Meanwhile, Renee Becca is a reliable software for data backup and restore which support to back up and recover data in hard disks, partitions and folders.

Renee Becca ™– For Data Backup and Recovery

professional data backup and disk clone software

download software button win


1. In the tab [Clone], select [System Redeploy].
select system redeploy function in clone
2. Then select the target disk containing the Windows system and the migration destination. Click [Clone] to migrate the system.
select the target disk to clone in Renee Becca
3. In the next startup, change the system to boot from the new disk in BIOS. Now the new disk can perfectly boot the system!
change the boot order in hard disk in boot configuration in BIOS