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SSD, a powerful data storage device for computer, provides faster boot speed and data access speed than that of the traditional hard disk. As a result, many computer users tend to replace the HDD with the SSD to improve the storage space and the performance of the computer. So, how to clone the system like Windows 10 to SSD before replacing the disk? Find the system clone method and disk optimization method here.

clone windows 10 to ssd
Part 1: How to Migrate Windows 10 to SSD
Renee Becca, a professional backup and restore can help us migrate Windows 10 to SSD.

1. What is Renee Becca

Renee Becca, specializing in system/hard disk backup and restore, can help us backup and restore important data in computer like applications, system configurations, email, photos, videos, files, bookmarks. It adapts advanced backup technology like incremental and differential backup scheme which can greatly save time and disk space. Besides, it can transfer system to another disk, backup partition, hard disk, files, and clone disk.
Professional Data Backup & Restore Software - Renee Beccadata bacup software Renee Becca

Provides multiple functions like backup, restore, clone, system migration.

Clone all data (including system) in HDD to smaller SSD or larger HDD. Disk could boot PC after clone finished.

Supports to migrate Windows to SSD with a few clicks.

4K alignment will be processed when clone disk, migrate system, restore disk or system.

Backup & restore system/disk/folder. Auto backup plans are available.

Provides functions like backup, restore, clone, system migration.

Clone all data (including system) in HDD to smaller SSD or larger HDD.

Backup & restore system/disk/folder. Auto backup plans are available.

Compatible with: Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP / 2008 / 2012(32bit/64bit) / Server 2008

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2. How to Transfer Windows 10 to SSD

Cloning Windows 10 to SSD with Renee Becca is simple and easy. Here we go.
Step 1: Run Renee Becca and select [System Redeploy] in [Clone] function.
clone windows 10 to ssd with Renee becca
Step 2: Please select the original disk which saves Windows system and the target disk. Then click [Redeploy] to process the system migration.
Please note that the capacity of the target disk should be larger than the total used space of the original disk. Besides, all data in the SSD will be erased. Please backup the SSD if there are any important data inside.
clone windows 10 to ssd with Renee becca
Step 3: Please restart the computer and then change SSD to be the first place to boot in BIOS/UEFI. Please refer here for How to get into BIOS and Change boot order.
Boot the PC from hard drive
The above parts are about how to transfer Windows 10 to SSD. To get the best performance of the SSD, we need to get more about how to optimize the Windows 10 settings.
Part 2: How to Optimize Settings in Windows 10

1. Enable Trim Command

Trim command could maintain and improve the performance of the SSD. To get the best read and write speed of the SSD, we need to enable this command.
How to enable Trim Command
Step 1: Search [Command Prompt] in Windows after booting the computer from the SSD. Then please select [Run as administrator] in the right-click menu.
run command prompt as administrator in start menu
Step 2: Enter the following command [fsutil behavior query DisableDeleteNotify]. If the feedback is [0], the TRIM function is enabled. If it is 1, the TRIM function is not activated.
enable trim for ssd
Step 3: To activate the TRIM command, please process the following command [fsutil behavior set DisableDeleteNotify 0].

2. Disable Disk Defragment Function

Defragmentation will improve the performance of HDD which gets moving parts. However, SSD does not have moving parts. Defragmentation will make the SSD reads and writes frequently which will make the SSD slowly and shorten its life span. So, please do to process the defragmentation in SSD.
Follow steps here to disable the disk defragmentation:
Step 1: Go to [This PC] and then right click at the target SSD and select [Properties] in the right-click menu.
Step 2: Go to [Tools] tab and select [Optimize] in [Optimize and Defragment Device] item.
Step 3: Click [Change Settings] and do not check [Run on a schedule] option. And click [OK] to save the settings.
use disk defragmentation to optimize drive

3. Disable the Startup Search Service

Using Search service in Windows 10 will take up much system resource and make computer run slow. Following will introduce how to turn it off.
Detailed steps:
Step 1: Press Win+R buttons and type [service.msc] in the pop up window. Click [OK] to run the command.

select run in windows start menu

② Enter “service.msc” in the pop up window. Click “OK” to run the command.

enter services.msc in run

③ Find and click “Windows Search” item.

find and double click windows search

④ Click “Stop” button and select “Disable” in pull-down menu of startup type.

disable windows search in services