Differences between Trial and Pro version

The functions have differences between Trial and Pro version. With Trial Version, you can find out your PC’s account(s) but cannot reset windows login password. With Full Version, you can reset your password. Besides the reset password function, Renee Passnow also provide other functions which can help you protect your privacy and manager your computer better.
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Besides, the full version of Renee Passnow also has the following functions which the free version does not contain.
  • Data Backup - Copy a hard drive to another which allows you to easily back up your entire computer, including your computer’s entire software configuration.
  • HDD Scan – Scan your hard drive.
  • Drive Erase - Erase all data on hard and USB drives completely, excluding any possibility of future recovery of deleted files.
  • PassBIOS – Rest BIOS password.
  • Windows Recovery – Fix windows boot problem. All functions work under Non-Windows environment and runs independently.
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