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How to protect your important data with multiple protection levels of Renee File Protector? The following articles will give you solutions with step by step processes about different problems.

Recommendation of Folder Encryption Software

To prevent data leakage, people prefer to lock folders which save important data inside. Profession folder encryption software is one of the most popular choice. Here, we are going to introduce and compare 3 popular and professional encryption software for you.


How to Set a Password on a Folder and File

If we want to prevent personal data from leakage and get better protection, we can set a password on a folder and file. But which software is safe and effective? Following will introduce easy to use encryption tools.


Zip Password Cracker: Useful or Not?

Have you ever been in these situations: you download a password-protected Zip online or you forget the password of an important Zip? Then, we have to use a Zip password cracker to unlock the file. In the essay, we will introduce some Zip password crackers and more about unlocking password-protected Zips.


Password Protect Hard Drive for Better Protection

It is very common for us to save some important and private data in HDD. And some data is sensitive and user want to protect them from unauthorized access, modification or malicious copy. Considering such situation, HDD protection become the first and safest method. Here, we will go through about how to password protect HDD with some common and safe method.


How to Hide Used Files in Windows

Many computer users prefer to hide the important, confidential, recently used files in fear that they are accessed or deleted when the computer is not around us. How to hide the recently used files in Windows 10? How to hide the important files or folders?


What is 5G IOT?

Internet of Things comes along with the era of 5G technology. What is IoT? In this essay, you will get the answer.


Encrypt Data on USB Drive/Removable Storage Device

USB disk and removable storage devices are very useful when we need to transfer data among different computers. But how to provide better protection to data inside? Of course is to encrypt them with password! Here we will go through about it!