Renee File Protector

File Protector

How to protect your important data with multiple protection levels of Renee File Protector? The following articles will give you solutions with step by step processes about different problems.

Password Protect USB Data with USB Pen Drive Locker

Best method to prevent data being view, change or even copied is to password protect them! Even the data is saved in USB pen drive! Now, with Renee File Protector, you can password protect data in USB selectively. Just a few simple steps, you can make it!


Shared Folder Protector – Password Protect Network Folder

Regularly share files over LAN or Network. Want to provide password protection to shared network folder? Here we recommend the free version of Renee File Protector which can password protect shared folders with 3 simple steps. No need of any professional knowledge but provides the data with high- level security.


How to Put Password on Folders without Compression

Want to password protect folders which contain sensitive data? Try Renee File Protector! No need to compress or uncompress like other encryption software. Follow the 3 simple steps which doesn’t require you to be super tech-savvy, your folders will get high level of security.


How to Password Protect Folders

How to protect sensitive data from others’ access becomes important when sharing PC. Renee File Protector helps you password protect folders, files and partition in your hard disk. Easy steps but with high level protection.