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How to Turn Off Windows Defender in Windows 10

Windows Defender is a built-in defensive tool in system. But some users consider that it’s not powerful enough and it takes up system source as well. In order to improve computer performance, we may need to shut down Windows Defender. What should we do? Please refer the following solution.


How to Show Sleep Function in Windows 10

There are many powerful functions in Windows 10 and Sleep is one of them. Recently, it’s said that Sleep function cannot be found in Windows 10. What should we do? Now let me share some specific instructions to all of you.


Windows XP does not Vanish and Its Market Share has Increased

Windows XP support ended in April 2014 and since that Microsoft has kept reminding users that the latest system can receive updates and patches while operating. New search suggests that Windows XP is still a popular choice among global PC users. But the worst thing is that it actually gets more market share. Therefore, Windows XP which is still a first choice for important users does not completely vanish, but fight for survival.

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