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Do not know how to change the login password in Windows 10? In fact, it is easy to make it in Windows 10. Follow us now!

Most computer users has upgrade their system to Windows 10. It is recommended to change the login password regularly for security reason. But sometimes. we may have problem of changing the password in Windows 10 because of the unfamiliar. Now, we are going to get more about how to change the login password in Windows 10.
Can not login the account? Forgot password or the administrator or the other account in Windows 10? No problem. Reset Windows 10 password by yourself now! Easy to go!

How to Change Password in Windows 10?

Step 1: Login the account you want to change password for. Go to “Start” menu and click “Settings”.

select setting in start menu

Step 2: Click “Accounts” in the pop up window.

click account

Step 3: Select “Sign-in” options in “Accounts” and then please click “Change” option under “Password” item.

change password

Step 4: Enter the current password in the pop up window and then click “Next”.

enter the current password

Step 5: Enter the new password for the account. You can also set the hint for the password here.

set new password
Changing password in Windows 10 is not so difficult as you believe. Besides, you are recommended to create a password reset disk for the administrator every time you set the new password, which can do you a favor when you forget the login password.