Free Windows 7 Incremental Backup Software

Incremental backup refers to  backup the changes of the data on the basis of  last backup (maybe full or incremental backup). Since the changes is slow, the incremental backup is much smaller and quicker than a full backup. So, when a full recovery is needed, the restoration process would need the last backup plus all the incremental backups until the point-in-time of the restoration.
Free Windows and Computer Incremental Backup Software
Data safety has been a major consideration for computer users. Regularly backup would be much better and essential. Built-in “Backup and Restore” function in Windows 7 can help us a lot when we want to make  a backup. But you need to confirm whether there is enough space to save the image files because Windows 7 will not compress them. Besides, this function can not backup single files or even folders. So a free professional Windows 7 backup software – Renee Becca has been one perfect choice for computer users to do Windows backup.
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Brief Introduction of Renee Becca

  • Computer system backup and automatically update keep backup targets safe.
  • You can clone or backup whole disk, partitions, folders and even files.
  • Built-in automatic backup/update backup files schedule and 5 different backup modes are provided. Save time and effort.
  • Help you migrate operating system from HDD to SSD. Improve your computer performance greatly.
  • Filtering file formats, compression and more advanced settings when backup are available.

How to Make the Incremental Backup in Windows 7

Here we take Partition Backup as an example.

Step 1: Launch the software and click “Backup”.

Backup Function

Step 2: Select the source partition and backup destination in the pop up window.

backup step

Step 3: Click “Backup Scheme” and select “Incremental mode”.

There is no need to make a full backup for the backup target in advanced. Once you choose the Incremental backup at the first time, Renee Becca  will create a full backup automatically.
backup step 5

Step 4: Click the “Disk/Partition backup options” in the bottom of “Disk/Partition backup” window.

In Advanced Options, there lots of options like compress the backup files or not, shutdown computer after task finished and so on.
backup step 4

Step 5: You can also create the automatic backup plans for the backup target.

Click the “Turn on” Schedule and then select the day you want to make the backup process.
Various backup modes are provided in Renee Becca, like Incremental mode, Differential mode and so on. Detailed introduction will be released once you click the related backup mode.
set backup schedule
With this Free Windows 7 Incremental Backup Software - Renee Becca, your life will be much easy! Why not have a try now! Download and get the free backup software!
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