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Upgrading your computer’s performance has never been easier. Discover the seamless process of cloning your existing HDD onto a new SSD — all without the hassle of reinstalling Windows 10. Benefit from the blazing-fast read and write speeds, the robust shockproof design, and compact form factor of SSDs, boosting your system's responsiveness and reliability. Transform your computing experience today!

clone hdd to ssd

I. Preparations for cloning from HDD to SSD (Solid State Drive)

To upgrade your Windows 10 PC from an HDD to an SSD and transfer the data, ensure you follow these preparatory steps.

1. Choose the right SSD

Solid-state drives (SSDs) are available with two primary interface types: SATA and M.2. Ensure you choose an SSD that is compatible with your computer’s motherboard interface. For a detailed guide on SSDs and expert selection advice, click here.
SSDs with different interfaces

2. Determine the used space of the old hard drive (the capacity of the new SSD must be greater than the used capacity of the old HDD)

To clone an old hard disk to a new one, ensure the new disk’s capacity exceeds the old disk’s used space. Check the old disk’s used space before proceeding with cloning to avoid data accommodation issues.
① Right-click the start menu and select (Disk Management).
windows disk management right click start
② To clone your old hard disk, first navigate to Disk Management to locate it. Once there, assess each partition’s available space and calculate the used space by subtracting these values from the disk’s total capacity. For example, if Disk 0 has a total capacity of 111.79GB, subtract the free space of 22.19GB on Disk C and 588MB on Partition 2, which equates to approximately 89.5GB of used space. It’s crucial to ensure that the new SSD’s capacity is greater than 89.5GB.
disk management

3. Choose a professional hard disk cloning software

Professional hard disk cloning software, such as Renee Becca, provides an efficient and secure method for HDD to SSD cloning. This software includes backup and restore capabilities for disks, systems, and files. Additionally, it offers hard disk, partition, and system cloning features to meet a variety of user needs. To clone an HDD to an SSD without reinstalling Windows 10, you can rely on Renee Becca’s system migration or hard disk clone features. Users can follow the detailed operation steps for straightforward execution.

II. How to clone HDD to SSD without reinstalling Windows 10?

1. Use Renee Becca to migrate HDD system to SSD

When the old HDD contains many trivial and unnecessary files, you can just migrate the system in the HDD to SSD, and then replace the hard disk with SSD after migration.
Renee Becca is a comprehensive tool designed for system and hard disk data backup and recovery. It enables you to safeguard critical computer data, including applications, system settings, emails, photos, videos, documents, and bookmarks. Utilizing advanced incremental and differential backup technologies, it maximizes efficiency, saving time and storage space. Renee Becca also offers system migration, partition, hard disk, file backup, and disk cloning functionalities to cater to various backup requirements.
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With the help of Renee Becca, it is very convenient to migrate the system to a solid-state drive and turn it into a system disk. The specific steps are as follows:
Step 1: Connect the SSD to your computer using the hard disk enclosure. Download and install Renee Becca, then select the ‘System Redeploy’ option from the ‘Clone’ tab in the main interface.
migrate system with renee becca
Step 2: In the “System Migration” pop-up, select the new SSD as the target location. Click the Migration button to initiate the transfer. Monitor the progress bar until it reaches 100%, signifying a successful migration. Following that, swap out the old hard drive for the newly cloned SSD, ensuring to configure it as the primary boot device within the BIOS settings.
select a destination to redeploy system with renee becca
TipsEnsure the new solid-state drive (SSD) has a larger capacity than the system you plan to migrate. Since the migration process will erase all data on the SSD, verify if there’s important data on the target drive and back it up beforehand. For assistance with file backup, visit
file backup.

2. Clone HDD to SSD with Renee Becca

This method is suitable for users who need to clone the entire HDD data to SSD. The specific steps are as follows:
Step 1: Download, install and run Renee Becca, select the option (Hard Disk Clone/Clone System Disk) in the main interface (Clone) column.
renee becca disk clone
Step 2: Select the original disk and the replacement hard disk in the “Disk Clone” window under source and destination location, respectively. Click the Option button to check if ignore bad sectors is enabled (typically active by default to use algorithms for reading data from bad sectors when possible, skipping unreadable ones). Press the Clone button to start cloning, which will overwrite the target disk data; ensure you back up files beforehand. Post-cloning, to boot from the new disk, set it as the primary boot device in the BIOS.
ignore bad sectors