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Want to edit audio files like cut, join, convert formats, etc? And want to record sound from computer and microphone and save as audio files? The following articles will give you solutions with step by step processes about different problems.

How to Download Audio from YouTube Video

Being an online video sharing platform, YouTube is very popular in foreign country. How to download a video from YouTube if you like the video? Or you want to get the background music from the YouTube video, how to make it? Today, we are going to get more about how to download music from YouTube Video.


How to Free Transfer WAV to M4A

Worrying about how to convert WAV to M4A? Have you ever try some of the audio convert software? If yes, which one is the best in your mind? Here, we will introduce how to transfer audios from WAV to M4A.


How to Trim Audio File?

Music is widely used as background music in advertisement, boardcast, etc. Most these music are trimmed or added with special effects beforehand. What is audio file trimming? How to make it? Follow us.


Free Audio Converter to Transfer MP3 to FLAC

Many music fans prefer audios in FLAC format which can perform a high audio quality. However, most music files we downloaded are in MP3 format. How to transfer audio files from MP3 to FLAC? Free methods will be introduced here.


Transfer M4A to WAV with Audio Converter

When editing audios, you may need to convert audio formats to get the characters of the format you want. How to make the audio format conversion easily? Following we will take M4A to WAV transferring as an example to introduce audio converters to you.


MP3 Splitter: How to Split MP3

Being a common audio format, MP3 has been widely spread in music. Sometimes it is necessary to convert and edit audio in specific situation. Here, we are going to introduce how to split MP3 files.


How to Rip Music from CD

Frequently CD usage may damage the CD. How can we enjoy the music in CD even without the CD? Actually, we can rip music from CD and then save to computer. How can we make it? Follow us now!


WMA VS MP3, Which One Better?

Digital audio has many codec. Two of the most popular audio formats are WMA and MP3. Both of these two formats have high compatibility and enable users to customize the compression way. Then what are the differences between these two formats and their own characteristics? Following will answer all these questions.